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Virgo Horoscope for Mom | Parents

Virgo mothers are the most organized and practical of the bunch. Your kids have structure and a super healthy lifestyle, because you’re the sign most likely to buy organic food and enforce the no playing video games until homework is done rule. And you better believe, they keep their rooms clean. That said, too much… Read More »

Virgo Horoscope for Baby | Parents

Don’t feel bad if your Virgo kid is more organized than you. It’s just part of her resourceful and practical nature. From a young age, she’ll pay great attention to detail, so don’t be surprised if you find her saving her allowance. When it comes time to make decisions, she’ll cautiously weigh the pros and… Read More »

Will Smith – Playing Young in “Gemini Man” and Getting Fearless on Social Media | The Daily Show

Welcome back to the show, my friend. Man, I am so happy to be here. Good to see you. You look happy. -Yes. -I mean, you-you always look happy. But I’m honestly gonna say, you look happy. Yes. This-this, uh… this last year has probably been the best year of my adult life. What-what does–… Read More »

InBrief: The Science of Neglect

>>SHONKOFF: Everyone in a community has a vested interest in everyone else’s children because everyone else’s children determine the next adult population that makes for a successful society. Built into our biology is the need to have responsive interactions with adults.>>MAYES: Neglect for children is when they don’t get what the brain is expecting to… Read More »

Horoscope for an Aries Mom | Parents

The Aries mom is independent, honest and full of energy. Of course, being a mom isn’t your entire identity. You had a life before kids and you intend to keep one, even after you have a little one running around. You’re great at discipline, and your kids know darn well that no means no. You’re… Read More »

Horoscope for an Aries Baby | Parents

Whoa, the Aries child is a little bundle of energy. So it’s no surprise he’ll be a natural born leader, independent and confident. This also means he’ll want to do as much as possible without your help. And that’s a good thing, whether he’s feeding himself or attempting to get dressed, he’s learning important life… Read More »

I’m 17 | Kate Simonds | TEDxBoise

Translator: Sarah Braun Reviewer: Denise RQ Hi everyone. My name is Kate Simonds, and I’m 17. Upon hearing me say this or seeing the title of this talk, “I’m 17”, I’m sure you’re thinking: since she’s on the stage, she must have done something incredible that she can teach me about. Maybe she– I don’t… Read More »

How to Recognize the Early Signs of Autism

How to Recognize the Early Signs of Autism. Early intervention is important for children with autism, a developmental disorder that inhibits socialization. So be on the lookout for warning signs. You will need Knowledge of developmental milestones Careful attention to your baby’s behavior and a hearing test for your child. Do not assume that if… Read More »

Eugene Ranks The World’s Most Popular Fruit

Eugene: He’s my theme song writer and singer. Min-young: Oh wow! He is the raaaaaaaannnnkk kiiiinng~ (and queen) M: Wooow! M: Bravo! E: Thank you. M: Bravo, bravo! E: Thank you *intro* Fruity fruity fruity (fruityfruity) Frooooooooo-ty fruity (fruit-a-fruit, fruity-fuity) Fruity fruity frui-TY! E: Welcome to the Rank King, the show where I rank things.… Read More »