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The Star That Trolled Astronomers

In 1967, S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell was a graduate student at Cambridge University. She and her thesis advisor, Anthony Hewish, were using a custom-built radio telescope to study radio signals from outer space. To their surprise, they saw a series of blips coming from a specific point in the sky. It looked like a star… Read More »

February 2019 (ALL Signs) ~ www.jeanwiley.com

Hello, everyone! Welcome to your February 2019 videoscope. Now, the big news this month is, Chiron is now fully committed as it transits into Aries on February 18th. Since 2010, Chiron has been transiting through Pisces. And Chiron is always about the process of integrating pain. Being on the planet is wounding, and it carries… Read More »

BatShitCrazy Zone – VR: Trick or Truth

hello my friends so I came across video any of his car creek where truth so I hope knowing where does it really come from it comes from Catholicism but when you know let you dig this hole a little deeper wider we really celebrate it because it’s fun where you goin what this these… Read More »