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In search of: Grave of Indian King Raja Raja Chola – Was he murdered?

Hey guys, in this video, I am gonna show you my search for the grave of the Indian King Raja Raja. I was told that his tombstone lies in the small village of Udayalur. This is where he is rumored to have been buried or cremated. When I visited this place, I was surprised to… Read More »

Strange History of Chakra / Chakram – Ancient Weapon of India

Hey guys, today we are going to look at this traditional Indian weapon called Chakra or Chakram. This is a medieval form of this weapon and there are several advanced versions, like this ancient Chakra, also known as Sudharshan Chakra which is supposed to be extremely sophisticated, – we will see this in a few… Read More »

Forbidden Cave Paintings Of Ellora, India

Hey guys, We are in the forbidden part of ellora caves. People are not allowed to go into these areas, so I had to give a nice tip to the guard to get into this part of the cave. You might remember that we found a hidden chamber in Cave 33. This is cave 32,… Read More »

Aiyanar – The Guardian God of All Villages

Hey guys, today we are going to look at a very unique deity from the villages of South India. This figure sitting on the horse is known as Aiyanar and is considered as the protector of village people. As you can see, he looks quite fierce with a fascinating head dress, holding a shield in… Read More »