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Mägo de Oz – Tres Tristes Tigres | Cover by Aries [LIVE]

Sadness is always like a sponge, absorbs the water of life until she died. Feeling desire and strangling in time Is like fill the sea of stones and try to cross it. When you see that you can not stand the void of loneliness, if the force is only in your saliva: learn how to… Read More »

IZAL – Arte moderno | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

I see colours and silhouettes on the ceiling of this square room that you say that symbolizes the waiting room where we’ll know the future between heaven and hell. And I spent two hours looking at this fire which you say that contains the sphere a red point in the middle of a fabric and… Read More »

El Canto del Loco – Despiértame | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

There are no dreams The sea dragged it. It leaves you dry It takes your home I see nothing, There isn’t a single paper. Worth nothing. Wake me up. Tell me you stopped the time and that nothing happens. And go to bed, tell me the farytale again where it ends well. And now I… Read More »

Saurom – Vida | Cover by Aries [Ganadores del sorteo ⬇] [subtitles]

Today I was walking, talking with her, in our sad loneliness In the distance shone her star, and whispered to me in front of the sea If you could ear me, oh, how much I miss you! Do not suffer, I invite you to live. Go and take advantage of all your moments, let the… Read More »

WarCry – Cada Vez | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

Every time I go wrong, You were always by my side Trying to help. Every time you’ve done a song, Patiently listened The fruits of illusion How many hours has passed Listening to talk Patiently listened The fruits of illusion. How many hours has passed Listening to talk? Relating my projects And my way of… Read More »

Héroes del silencio – Entre dos tierras | acústico | Cover by Aries

You can sell, any offer is good if you want power. how easy is open a lot the mouth to say so, and if you plan to roll back have a lot to erase footprints. let me, I have no fault to see you fall, if I do not have to see the blame fall.… Read More »