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Bi-Weekly Astrology Horoscope Forecast 2014 Pisces New Moon Wealth Star DREAM! KG Stiles, Astrologer

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. This is your bi-weekly astrology forecast from the Leo Full Moon on February 14th to the Pisces New Moon on February 28th. This is a general forecast about the current astrological alignments affecting everyone. If you have personal planets within 1-3º orb of an alignment then you will have… Read More »

Bi-Weekly Horoscope Astrology ARIES NEW MOON Forecast March 2014 KG Stiles

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. This is your bi-weekly astrology forecast for March 2014 and includes the Astrology for the Virgo Full Moon on March 16th and the Aries New Moon on March 30th. This is a general forecast for the current astrological trends affecting everyone. If you have personal planets within 1-3º orb… Read More »

Do Not Press The Red Button ! (zodiac sign edition)

ooh it’s so shiny come on guys let’s press it and see what happens yeah let’s do this we shouldn’t something might explode so hell yeah we might attract elegance or something let’s do it we all might die so yay are you feeling all right oh my gosh this was a joke but I… Read More »

Zodiac Signs In Class

excuse me I’m not I’m late but nevermind what did I miss out are you are you kidding me aliens do not exist of course they do how can you believe that we are alone in this universe guys I have to admit I have been abducted before shut up Pisces no you haven’t studies… Read More »

PISCES October FREE Psychic Reading with Ava and Trudy Horoscope and Astrology

yes I think so welcome to Virtual Tarot and welcome to the temple of delphi we read a psychic tarot reading and we’ve come to Temple because this is our opportunity that we take to give you a divination and perform as the the conduit or the clairvoyant channel which is interesting because they were… Read More »

The Barnum Effect – Why Do People Believe In Horoscopes?

Astrology is one of the world’s oldest natural sciences. From the dawn of time, humans have looked up at the stars and wondered about the future. Cities have been built and wars fought from starry information handed out by cryptic astrologers. But are we naïve to believe in the alignment of the stars to predict… Read More »

The Aries Experience: Aries&Pisces Compatibility

and then my name’s tracy firm and a massive greedy and this is the last video anarchy res experienced series on aries and tracy’s compatibility if you haven’t seen the first video where i go a little bit more in-depth on what it’s like to date aries the ram please go back and check that… Read More »


Hello Pisces! Welcome back to The illest illuminator. So, let’s see what’s going on for you guys. This will be for Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising and… Venus. And this will include your perspective, and the person that you are dealing with. For those who are new to the channel, uh, this is the he-said-she-said spread.… Read More »

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility (Fire and Water Signs)

(“Schwingin” by Warner/Chappell Production Music) – Good and bad. – Like probably sexually like the top. – Because they’re super passionate and intense. – I think you would sleep with an Aries, but not date an Aries. – Because they’re probably really experienced, and I would just be so nervous. – But I just don’t… Read More »