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MERCURY in Vedic Astrology (Budha in Jyotish)

welcome to another episode of Pramanik astrology channel in this episode we are going to decode the mercury secrets what is mercury in Vedic Astrology all about planet mercury Namaste and welcome to Pramanik astrology channel I’m your host Prasad mahajani help you go further faster into Vedic Astrological studies in the last video will… Read More »

“Are other solar systems like our own?” (Ask an Astronomer)

Some nearby stars, like our Sun, have a family of planets in orbit around them. Take, for example, the star 55 Cancri in the constellation Cancer, the Crab. It has at least three planets in orbit around it, one of which is four times heavier than Jupiter and orbiting the star at the same distance… Read More »

VAITARNA STARGAZING and CAMPING | Mumbai Travellers | Astronomy – Milky Way Galaxy

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Images of Space: Meteor Shower 2014 – Planets & Comets / Astronomy What’s Up for December 2014

More meteor showers and plenty of planets. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Histon-Jones from Nasas Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If the weather marred your meteor watching in November , don’t worry. The December Geminids and Ursids offer up two more chances to see meteor showers this year. The constellation Gemini namesake of the Geminids and location… Read More »

VIRGO – Water Planet Game Dev Diary

Hello, I’m Elizabeth, also known as VIRGO I produce electronic music and develop video games. Water Planet is a first person exploration game set in a distant star system, millions of light years from Earth. In this future world, you’ll encounter a cybernetic jellyfish that has lost its way and needs your help to find… Read More »

Astronomers Discover Mystery Radio Signal From Another Galaxy

The date is 2001, and in the Australian outback a 64 meter radio telescope scans the sky for electromagnetic signals from deep space. With most of the electromagnetic energy in the universe being generated by stars and black holes, and outside of the visible light spectrum, the radio dish and the data it collects as… Read More »

PLANETS for Kids | Astronomy for Kids | Solar System | Planets Preschool | Kid’s Planet, The Planets

– [Child] Learning Time Fun! (laughs) – [Instructor] Let’s learn the names of the planets in our solar system. Ready, let’s go! Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune These are the planets lined up in order from closest to the sun to farthest to the sun. Each planet is unique in its own… Read More »

Explore Saturn’s Rings | Astronomy for Kids

It’s a beautiful, clear night outside! And clear nights are a /great/ time to look up at the stars! And right now, we’re looking at a bright spot in the sky that LOOKS like a star. But it’s not a star at all. It’s a planet…the planet Saturn! Wow! I can tell it’s Saturn because… Read More »

Let’s go to MARS || Astronomy || Space Exploration

The day has finally come. Together we are going to leave Earth on a one-way trip to a new world. The launch window is open. Our rocket is fueled and “all systems are go.” So get ready as we go on a Mission to Mars. You may be wondering why we are going to Mars… Read More »

All About Uranus for Kids: Astronomy and Space for Children – FreeSchool

You’re watching FreeSchool! Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, is the third-largest planet in the solar system, after Jupiter and Saturn, with a diameter about 4 times the Earth’s. Like the two larger planets, Uranus is made largely of hydrogen and helium, but it also has many more icy compounds made of water, ammonia,… Read More »