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Is Alien ‘Life’ Weirder Than We Imagine: Who Is Out There?

This is the Drake Equation, first presented in 1960, by Dr. Frank Drake, an astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, wherein N equals the number of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable. R equals the rate of formation of stars suitable for the development… Read More »


Gemini & Aries Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

GEMINI & ARIES SEXUAL & INTIMACY COMPATIBILITY When Aries and Gemini engage in sexual activities, who knows where they could end up. With Aries’ libido and Gemini’s ideas, they might be a bit too creative and harshly judged by their environment. It is a good thing that they both don’t care that much about other’s… Read More »


hey guys this is CEM we have a lot to cover in one minute for areas so let’s get right to it this year the good the bad and the surprising will all mix together my dear areas for example you may want to travel faraway places or find yourself following a new philosophy or… Read More »


hello my lovely Aries everything started last month on 28th of September the new moon on that day was all about your relationships October starts with the emphasis on your relationships as well especially after fourth of October you have the best chances to form a relationship if you are interested this could be romantic… Read More »

Cancer & Aries Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

CANCER & ARIES SEXUAL & INTIMACY COMPATIBILITY We usually see the sign of Cancer as extremely asexual. Our family is presented by the sign of Cancer and the Moon, and it is a psychological challenge for all of us to understand that our parents are sexual beings. This would be fine if the members of… Read More »


hello my sweethearts I come bearing important news for you this month July is the Eclipse season we have two important eclipses coming on 2nd and 17th of July things are changing and mostly in radical ways and all we have to do is to adjust ourselves to this change career and home front is… Read More »

मेष लग्न वाले लोगो के लिए राजयोग ग्रह ! Janam kundali : Aries sign ! Jyotish shastra

Hello friends I’m your friend alok Friends Our horoscope is the mirror of our life Every human being can know about his future by looking at his horoscope Like how would that person be in future? Whether that person will earn money or not When will that person get married? Such person will do business… Read More »

Leo & Aries Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

LEO & ARIES SEXUAL & INTIMACY COMPATIBILITY This is such a warm and passionate connection, in which sparks fly around all the time. They have similar sexual preferences and they definitely take each other seriously, whatever the level of their relationship. As they both have extremely strong personalities, they could fight and make up all… Read More »

Want to Know About Your Astrological Zodiac Sign for 2019? Mary Has the Answers!

hello my name’s Mary English and this is my YouTube page and what I thought I’d share with you today is where the planets going to be for 2019 because January is very busy time of year for astrologers and a lot of questions that you’re gonna have, are going to revolve around just your… Read More »