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Gamma Ray Bursts – Science Space Astronomy

Sometimes when stars perish or when neutron stars collide, and form a black hole, they release an enormous amount of energy in the process. They unleash the most powerful force in the universe — a radioactive light brighter than a million, trillion suns. Scientists tried to pinpoint where on our planet the blasts were coming… Read More »

Astronomers Find Vortex Around A Black Hole Spinning At 70% the Speed of Light

Black holes are going to kill you and everyone you love. Well, maybe. As one of the most powerful forces in the universe, black holes were originally believed to be a myth for centuries, and were only recently proven to in fact exist by modern science. Way back in 1687, Newton blew the mind of… Read More »

Images of Space: Meteor Shower 2014 – Planets & Comets / Astronomy What’s Up for December 2014

More meteor showers and plenty of planets. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Histon-Jones from Nasas Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If the weather marred your meteor watching in November , don’t worry. The December Geminids and Ursids offer up two more chances to see meteor showers this year. The constellation Gemini namesake of the Geminids and location… Read More »

What’s Up for March 2017 | Astronomy | Conjunction

♪ What’s Up for March? The moon hides red star Aldebaran and crescents dazzle after dusk. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Houston Jones from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. On March 4 the first quarter moon passes between Earth and the star Aldebaran, temporarily blocking our view of the star. This is called… Read More »

History of Astronomy Part 3: Copernicus and Heliocentrism

Professor Dave again, let’s rethink the solar system. When we left off with Aristarchus, he had correctly proposed that the sun is the center of the solar system, rather than the earth. But he was way ahead of his time, and the geocentric model remained in place for centuries. This model was perfected by Ptolemy… Read More »

The Amazing Telescope | Astronomy History Of The Telescope- Two Small Pieces of Glass

hey wait up hey wait up I can’t see okay wait for your eyes get used to the dark and it’s so dark in here because you wrote it from the bright lights of the city into the dark apart the pupils in your eyes are slowly opening up right now let more lighting just… Read More »


Astronomers Discover Mystery Radio Signal From Another Galaxy

The date is 2001, and in the Australian outback a 64 meter radio telescope scans the sky for electromagnetic signals from deep space. With most of the electromagnetic energy in the universe being generated by stars and black holes, and outside of the visible light spectrum, the radio dish and the data it collects as… Read More »

PLANETS for Kids | Astronomy for Kids | Solar System | Planets Preschool | Kid’s Planet, The Planets

– [Child] Learning Time Fun! (laughs) – [Instructor] Let’s learn the names of the planets in our solar system. Ready, let’s go! Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune These are the planets lined up in order from closest to the sun to farthest to the sun. Each planet is unique in its own… Read More »