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Scorpio *Letting Go & Sharing Knowledge* Full Moon Tarot Reading for SEPTEMBER! -HARVEST MOON-

hello Scorpio this is going to be your full moon reading for September 13th and moving into the morning of the 14th and most of us in the United States will be experiencing this full moon though on Friday the 13th super exciting I love that kind of energy and historically Friday the 13th times… Read More »

How to Link Your Nyrius Aries Home & Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver

Hello, and thank you for choosing Nyrius Aries Home Series to fulfill your Wireless High Definition needs! Your Aries Home HDMI transmitter receiver system will arrive paired. In the event the transmitter and receiver do not communicate with one another; manual pairing may be required. The steps contained in this video are applicable to both… Read More »

Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands | Allan Pease | TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Good morning. Before we kick off let’s get a bit of light in the room. So I can see the faces of the dummi — the participants that we get later and see where you are. That’s a bit better. Good. Everybody hold your right hand in front… Read More »

What Caused the Catastrophic Nuclear Accident in Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is a city in the Ukraine located about 56 miles (90 kilometers) northeast of the capital, Kiev. Prior to the disaster and a subsequent evacuation, it was home to around 14,000 people. At that time, it was still part of the Soviet Union. The city was the location of the first ever nuclear power… Read More »

AUM: What does AUM mean? Why is AUM important?

– ॐ – Aum is a natural sound. And it is widely used in Hindu culture. Aum has three letters according to Sanskrit. Ah, Oo, Ma. If we write it in the roman script, it is also A, U, M. Aum. Is a very natural sound. I have talked about aum several time. Ah means… Read More »


Today we are going to discuss the 9 most important things about mars that you should know. If you want to discover your true potential by knowing the planetory influences on u … you are at the right place. If you want To get a brief personalised idea of your mars, comment its sign and… Read More »

Make Miracles Happen in your Life

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam || I welcome all of you with my love and respects! Today’s Leela is “MALAIYADWAJANAI AZHAITHA PADALAM”. Means, the story of Sundareshwara, Shiva, Mahadeva, calling Malaiyadwaja to complete with his wife, Kanchanamála. Sundareshwara brought all the oceans’, seven oceans’ waters to Madurai for Meenakshi’s mother… Read More »