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2020金鼠年十二生肖的财运与幸运号码 🐁🐁 2020 Year Fortune and Lucky Numbers of the Chinese Zodiac🐁🐁 With subtitles

Zodiac Golden Rat fortunes in 2020 Fortune of the Zodiac Rat Income of people with Zodiac rats is not optimistic by 2020 Because Constellation (Tai-shui) did something bad this year,The Unlucky Luck of Unstable Money It should be too much for living expenses this year,Have an unexpected expense Luckily for Zodiac Rats are sensitive to… Read More »

Tarot divination_未來一個月會有什麼不預期狀況發生?What will happen in the next month?(English&日文… subtitles)

Hello everyone, today? We have to test this together, one day you are on the road. Then suddenly you got a bow on the road. Which intuition is your bow from left to right? There are five 12345 Now choose a bow with your instincts Have you chosen? If you have thought of something What’s… Read More »

Tarot divination_長生不老藥你選那一個?The fortune of the next three months(English&日文… subtitles play

Hello everyone, today? I want to see the subject to be tested on the screen is If you watch a movie now and then This protagonist He is looking for medicine that is immortal Do you intuitively find the color he found? It is itchy from the left 1123 Your intuition This protagonist also found… Read More »

Tarot divination_什麼類型的對象最適合你?What type of object is best for you?(English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 sub

How do you feel that you have been waiting in the coffee shop? 1. 10 minutes 2. 30 minutes 3. 1 hour 4. 10 seconds Hello, everyone’s topic today, I have coffee. Then you intuitively, how long have you been waiting for someone? If you choose 1. The object that suits you is actually the… Read More »


Tarot divination情境占卜_我跟現任的緣分是…?My fate with my lover is…?(English、French、日本語… subtitles

Hello everyone Some peanut powder is like that background music. That is, I have to open two additional channels. Classical music background music Then I will put the link below the movie. If you are interested, you can click to listen. and then Today’s topic Everyone saw that the picture was very strange. If one… Read More »

Tarot divination_要如何更靠近理想的生活?Exhibition Divination _ How to get closer to the ideal life?English 日文

Hello, Hello. Now what you see is the painting I painted. Then actually I am doing this thing. Do this little mini art exhibition Is my childhood wish Then I want to do this now Because I think I want to encourage many young people. Maybe you are already in your 30s But your days… Read More »

Tarot divination_你的愛情直覺靈嗎?Is your love intuition right?(English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 subtitle

What animal perspective do you think this is? 1. Mountain Pig 2. Fox 3. Wolf 4. Other Hello, everyone, today, this topic is a movie. What kind of animal perspective does your intuition film look like? If you choose 1. mountain pig The intuition that represents love is very spiritual Very wise You know very… Read More »