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Youth Neglected on Election Day

after a strong showing two thousand eight young people didn’t show up in the same large numbers in two thousand spent you get out in california proposition nineteen a measure to legalize pot was on the ballot respondents thought would bring out young people they didn’t turn out at the polls is expected and because… Read More »

Every Child Matters: The Fight for Kids in America

deductions did it uses interested in renting something once again and of course we have worn every week that’s right so activists of the week segment and this week we are privileged owner michael good sees the president of every child matters as our activists the week michael congratulations thank you very much michael a… Read More »

THE “DUAL” NATIONAL REVOLUTION ~ PRESIDENT TRUMP and the great divide ~ Astrology Election 2016

We are living in an extraordinary time and we can’t even begin to talk about the election, the candidates, without noting the powerful transits of Pluto and Neptune to the nation’s chart. The only other time we’ve had these exact transits was during the period of the Revolution and leading right up to the Civil… Read More »