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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

RYAN CLEMENTS: All right. Is this a tomato, or is this just a rolly guy? JUSTIN MASSONGILL: It looks an armadillo or something. Oh, wait. What? RYAN: This is the best thing I’ve ever seen! JUSTIN: Look at this guy. RYAN: Look at this thing! JUSTIN: It’s Thanksgiving dinner. RYAN: Oh, my gosh. [INTRO MUSIC… Read More »

The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

(laughing) (yelling) – Alright, let’s fix the camera. So today we’re driving to the Stay on Main Hotel or as it was formally known, the Cecil Hotel, as part of an ongoing series where I tell this guy true crime stories and today, we have the privilege of actually going there because it’s in LA… Read More »

Mr Wong’s Hokkien Word of the Day Ep 9: Rooster Zodiac 2017

Halo Sudah 2 tahun sejak saya melihat kalian Mr Wong kembali Hari ini saya akan meramal semua Zodiak China (Shio) Tahun ini saya akan berfokus pada Karir Harta dan analisis tentang percintaan Silahkan lihat Shio kamu Untuk kalian yang lahir pada tahun Tikus Akan ada keberuntungan dalam hal cinta Apabila kamu kaya Jangan pinjamkan uang… Read More »

THE “DUAL” NATIONAL REVOLUTION ~ PRESIDENT TRUMP and the great divide ~ Astrology Election 2016

We are living in an extraordinary time and we can’t even begin to talk about the election, the candidates, without noting the powerful transits of Pluto and Neptune to the nation’s chart. The only other time we’ve had these exact transits was during the period of the Revolution and leading right up to the Civil… Read More »