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hello hello my gorgeous Sagittarius how are you my gorgeous ones so you guys want the extended reading so you’ll get the extended astrology which is this part and then I’ll do an extended tarot reading for you guys so congratulations thank you so much for liking for sharing for subscribing if you haven’t done… Read More »

Sagittarius, Your Awesome 2019, Starts November 2018 * Subtítulos En Español

Hello! Hello! My beautiful Sagittarius. How are you my gorgeous ones? We have a special month going on. This month we have such an active sky. But the biggest thing for you guys is Jupiter. Which is your ruling planet. It’s going to move into your house for the next year. We have a whole… Read More »

मीन राशिमें शुक्र का प्रभाव -भगवान भरोसे -प्रारंभिक ज्योतिष – Predictive Astrology

At present i am not doing consultations so People ask to refer any of the students. This is because you will be surprised to know that there are very few astrologers who actually do Predictions Less than 1% of them actually do predictions 99% of the astrologers now a days are remedy Kings They will… Read More »