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VIRGO Energia de juventud, Abundancia, Trabajo en equipo Julio 2019 Retos y tu destino Tarot

fun to explore Youth have energies here and go to have a lot of wealth is to work team know the love of your life [Music] welcome my warriors as they are if It is the first time you’re seeing my Video I want to invite you subscribe activate the bell for you all my… Read More »

Virgo a quien conocerás en Octubre? Nuevo Amor + Consejo

Virgo Fin de Semana ♍ 13 al 15 Septiembre 2019

Virgo friends welcome for this special weekend reading from 13 to September 15 in general reading what are we going to do and I warn you or be it notice I do not warn you that the day Sunday 15 we will upload a special of single as it will go from the 15th of… Read More »

VIRGO FIN DE SEMANA ♍ Amor ❤ Viaje ✈ Proyectos 🙆‍♂️👨‍🎓 NO SEAS ANSIOSO

how are virgo’s friends this reading is for the weekend of 29 November until the first of December we are leaving this year 2019 virgo I hope that everything that comes this year and next be wonderful I appreciate a lot of all your support in the channel your comments I invite you to subscribe… Read More »

VIRGO Padres, Llega el Trabajo que Esperabas y Cierres de Ciclos Negativos Abril 2019 Mensaje de Tu

what messages you have for your angels and you want to join this group this communication with a parent who is the distance’ll soon be receiving communications about a job that you’ve been waiting negative cycle that you are finally to close it will be a month for you to advance to advance [Music] hello… Read More »

VIRGO Revelaciones Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre y Diciembre 2019 Tarot Fin de Año

virgo welcome to this special for end of the year where we will see the energies that you have around you for September and October November December if the first time you’re Here on my channel I want to invite you to subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications and if you… Read More »

VIRGO Sorpresa Feliz Cumpleaños | Revelaciones Agosto y Septiembre 2019

virgo welcome to this special reading for your birthday and this reading output for the next six months up to one year until your next birthday and of course he’ll be here revelations and surprises for your birthday during the month of August and September remember me in your comments name and the country where… Read More »

Virgo Amor ♍ Noviembre 2019 Solteros 💖 Que se viene?

hello virgo welcome for this reading November singles special let’s divide this reading first fortnight and second fortnight of the month of November giving advice from the fairies of the Angels obviously tarot and decree that I forgot already so to be attentive I appreciate as always your great support virgo friends let’s start with… Read More »

VIRGO Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles NOVIEMBRE 2019 Tarot

virgo welcome to your special reading for this November greets jot and you’re here in my jack channel tarot I invite you to subscribe activate the bell for you to reach all my notifications and comments are remember me your name and country to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before these… Read More »

Virgo a quien conocerás en Enero 2019? Nuevo Amor + Consejo