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Daily Horoscope: December 3rd – December 5th

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday December 3rd 4th and 5th the Sun is in Sagittarius in the moon is in Pisces 90-degree angle fire in water this combination is so interesting Sagittarians by nature will tell a story and they embellish because they just love it’s not that they’re lying it’s that they have this creative… Read More »

Daily Horoscope: November 28th – November 30th

November 28th 29th and 30th Thursday Friday and Saturday the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is one sign away in Capricorn and you can’t put these two together and not think sports Sagittarius love to be outside they have excessive Chi and Moon and Capricorn makes them focused so when you add that… Read More »

Full Moon in Aries: Astrology for Sept 23rd-29th

Hey! I’m Sarah Baxley and welcome to pinkiethebear. This is my Mystics, Metaphysics, and Mindfulness channel and I’m here today with your astrology forecast for the week of September 23rd 2018. So the two upcoming themes for this week are- ONE: “Pulling back the reins” and TWO: “Spoke in the wheel”. Okay so I’m gonna… Read More »

Sagittarius April 2013 Monthly Love Horoscope by Connie Morris HD

Horoscope Created by Connie Morris and Provided by Astrology Genius.com last things may have gotten off to a bumpy start this year with jupiter in retrograde motion in your relationships sector and under pressure and the tight having only just turned on their romantic front late last year this is the month when things will… Read More »

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Sagittarius Psychic Tarot Reading | Weekly Horoscope Week 09 | February 2019 This is the energy vibration reading for the Sagittarius Sun Moon & Rising signs. I want to say thank you for being here thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful positive energy vibration I want to say to each and… Read More »

Fire Astrology Signs: How to Spot an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

How do we know a fire sign? You can spot one by their energy. Usually they have warmth and charm and an abundance of ideas. We all love that and we’re all attracted to it — like a campfire. Wherever the light is burning we’re drawn to fire signs because of their warmth and creativity.… Read More »

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology in Sagittarius May 24-25, 2013 (Part Two of Two Eclipses)

Welcome! This is Shakti… your astrologer for today! I like to talk to you about eclipses and especially the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up on My 24 or 25 depending on where you are on the planet and which time zone you are in… This Lunar Eclipse will be in Sagittarius and it is… Read More »

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