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Three of Disks Work tarot card – Works – divination meanings

The Three of Disks, Work a nice solid card. We are back in Binah in the sphere of Earth so the establishment of the idea of the universe the determination of its basic form. It is ruled by Mars in Capricorn which is exulted there and therefore at its best. Mars loves being in Capricorn.… Read More »

FIMO Sternzeichen Widder: Polymer Zodiac Sign Aries – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

You are Aries, if you were born between March 21th and April 20th. Your element is fire and your planet Mars. Both are red, why I use many different red shades in my polymer clay interpretation. Aries are primarily self-confident, determined, brave, and resilient. Many of these people you will find in the politics as… Read More »

How to Create Delicious Oil Free Raw Salad Dressing Recipes

This is John Kohler with OKRAW.COM. This will probably be one of my best episodes that I have given you so far. Now, I don’t necessarily like to give like recipe demos, you’ll notice that I do have a whole lot of recipe demos because I want to teach you guys much more than recipes,… Read More »