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Saurom – Vida | Cover by Aries [Ganadores del sorteo ⬇] [subtitles]

Today I was walking, talking with her, in our sad loneliness In the distance shone her star, and whispered to me in front of the sea If you could ear me, oh, how much I miss you! Do not suffer, I invite you to live. Go and take advantage of all your moments, let the… Read More »

Saurom – El Carnaval del Diablo | Cover by Aries [Subtitles]

The Devil says he is out The Devil awoke at last The Devil wants to find you The Devil’s wrath for you ¡Shá! SILENCE! The light of the carnival is gone Anything can happen in your city People camouflages his peace after a costume The mental lust appears, the whim and desire The beating of… Read More »