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The Year of The Sheep in Chinese Zodiac – 2015

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!新年快乐! This is the year of the sheep 羊年 and last year was the year of the horse 马年. There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and sheep and horse are two of them. During Chinese New Year, people greet each other with lots of lucky phrases. It’s like people… Read More »

The Year of The Horse in Chinese Zodiac – 2014

Happy New Year! 新年好! [ xīn nián hǎo] Can you recognize what the Chinese zodiac sign is on the screen? Last year was the year of the snake so this year must be the year of the horse. In Chinese, horse is called 马 [ mǎ ]. So the year of the horse is called… Read More »

Star Spangled Banner | Sign Language

O say can you see By the dawn’s early light What so proudly we hailed At the twilight’s last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight Or the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming And the rockets red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That… Read More »

Mr Wong’s Hokkien Word of the Day Ep 9: Rooster Zodiac 2017

Halo Sudah 2 tahun sejak saya melihat kalian Mr Wong kembali Hari ini saya akan meramal semua Zodiak China (Shio) Tahun ini saya akan berfokus pada Karir Harta dan analisis tentang percintaan Silahkan lihat Shio kamu Untuk kalian yang lahir pada tahun Tikus Akan ada keberuntungan dalam hal cinta Apabila kamu kaya Jangan pinjamkan uang… Read More »

khadijah Had few More Things 2 Say

okay we live we back in the building we are back in the building hey Brittany how you doing sweetie trying to clip this thing onto my shirt what’s going on let me hold on one second I’m trying to I am send something out so everybody knows I’m in the livestream just give me… Read More »