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Astronomers Find Vortex Around A Black Hole Spinning At 70% the Speed of Light

Black holes are going to kill you and everyone you love. Well, maybe. As one of the most powerful forces in the universe, black holes were originally believed to be a myth for centuries, and were only recently proven to in fact exist by modern science. Way back in 1687, Newton blew the mind of… Read More »

[ENG] Astro Photoshop #6 Noise reduction with Astronomy Tools

Welcome my name is Alan and it’s pleasure to meet you You are watching tutorial for astrophotographers using photoshop Please don’t forget about things included in episode zero of the playlist Never forget about subtitles, quality, possibility of choosing the speed, monitor calibration, youtube compression and hidden functions of keyboard on youtube Also, if you… Read More »

History of Science – 16th-Century Astronomy – 11.1 Astronomy

>>Get your backpack ready; let’s brainstorm another trip! This week in our whirlwind tour of the history of science let’s travel to the 16th Century—the 1500s. I hope you’ll make some meaningful and unexpected discoveries this week as we explore the strange new world of the century of the Reformation, the era of Copernicus, Tycho… Read More »

The Sun is White, Not Yellow… and 8 other Astronomy Facts

The Sun is White… and 8 other Astronomy Facts 1. The energy required to stop the Earth orbiting the sun is about 2.6478 × 10^33 joules or 7.3551 × 10^29 watt hours or 6.3285*10^17 megatons of TNT. For reference, the largest nuclear explosion ever detonated (the Tsar Bomba by the Soviet Union) produced 50 megatons… Read More »

A Meeting of Great Black Inventors – Astronomy Club

Welcome, inventors. My name is Elijah McCoy. In this room lies some of the brightest Black minds this country has to offer. Nerds. And that is George Washington Carver. What up, what up, what up? Anybody want a peanut? I know you want one. Okay. I have gathered us together with the hopes that our… Read More »

Science and Astronomy | Science & U!

♪♪ [THEME MUSIC] ♪♪>>>CAROL ANNE RIDDELL: I’m Carol Anne Riddell and this is Science and U! coming to you from the space shuttle pavilion at the Intrepid Museum. Today we’re exploring outer space, the vast unknown beyond Earth. We begin with a lesson on the what, when and how of our universe from the Big… Read More »

What’s Up for March 2017 | Astronomy | Conjunction

♪ What’s Up for March? The moon hides red star Aldebaran and crescents dazzle after dusk. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Houston Jones from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. On March 4 the first quarter moon passes between Earth and the star Aldebaran, temporarily blocking our view of the star. This is called… Read More »

Top 5 Astronomy Misconceptions

Hey guys, this is Astronomical Thoughts where i discuss really cool ways of thinking about astronomy phenomena. and in this video, i’m going to be discussing 5 common misconceptions people have about astronomy. In this video, I have left out some misconceptions that I have already discussed in videos such as what causes the season… Read More »

When art meets astronomy (UCL)

Most of my work involves nature, geology, technology and ideas of space and time and distance and collapsing distance. Most of my works have involved collaborating with people in different fields and disciplines. We’re all astronomers, so we look at things through a particular way, a particular methodology. Having Katie in the corridor has brought… Read More »

The Amazing Telescope | Astronomy History Of The Telescope- Two Small Pieces of Glass

hey wait up hey wait up I can’t see okay wait for your eyes get used to the dark and it’s so dark in here because you wrote it from the bright lights of the city into the dark apart the pupils in your eyes are slowly opening up right now let more lighting just… Read More »