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Weekly Reads Wrapup with Stan Lee’s Zodiac Legacy, Simon Thorn, Snowman, and Slime Experiments

hi i’m jessica and i’m kira and we are The Keepers of the Books, your online librarians and we’re here with a weekly reads episode for you. My first book is Snowman: the True Story of a Champion by Catherine Hapka and it is adapted from the book by Rutherford Montgomery. I am not normally… Read More »

There’s a Good Chance Your Meteorologist Doesn’t Suck, Here’s Why

We blame meteorologists for a lot. They ruin camping trips, golf trips, days at the beach. Why are they always wrong?! I’m going to say something controversial here. Weather forecasting isn’t bad. It’s actually really accurate. Bare with me. To get a prediction on the weather, someone has to measure humidity, wind speed, rain, sun,… Read More »

Could Asteroid Mining Fuel Deep Space Travel?

If we want to colonize space, we have to figure out how to generate a large supply of life sustaining resources. The most important being water. The good news is, traces of water have been detected throughout our solar system. And asteroids may hold the most accessible abundance of water that we know of. There… Read More »

The Star That Trolled Astronomers

In 1967, S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell was a graduate student at Cambridge University. She and her thesis advisor, Anthony Hewish, were using a custom-built radio telescope to study radio signals from outer space. To their surprise, they saw a series of blips coming from a specific point in the sky. It looked like a star… Read More »

Bill Nye to Climate Change Deniers: You Can’t Ignore Facts Forever

You’ve heard the President in drought-stricken California saying that these weather emergencies in effect, are creating the conditions that the government has to act. David, I think that what it brings to mind is how we utilize the information that we have, and we all know. And I think that Bill would probably agree with… Read More »

Meet the Galaxies (and More…) – Part 1 – A Song About Astronomy

Swirling through Space are clusters of billions of stars Bound by gravity, some are close and some are far Collections of stars, gas and dust, Each grouping is unique These groups are known as galaxies Let’s see who we can meet They are Galaxies Traveling at great velocity Held together by gravity Cosmic Mysteries They… Read More »

“Are other solar systems like our own?” (Ask an Astronomer)

Some nearby stars, like our Sun, have a family of planets in orbit around them. Take, for example, the star 55 Cancri in the constellation Cancer, the Crab. It has at least three planets in orbit around it, one of which is four times heavier than Jupiter and orbiting the star at the same distance… Read More »

Silvia Kowollik and amateur astronomy

Hi, I’m Helen from the Royal Astronomical Society, and I’m here with Silvia Kowollik who’s been working on the Juno data. So what is it that you do with the data Silvia? I image Jupiter as an amateur astronomer from my balcony at my home. And I measure all the features that are visible and… Read More »