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Creation Astronomy Rebutted

AndromedasWake has a series called, “CrAP Debunked,” debunking creationist claims about astronomy. But that hasn’t stopped the creation of a new website and video, CreationAstronomy.com. They have two preview segments of their video, and it’s just what you’d expect from creationists. We’ll go through both of them. [Psarris] “Welcome to ‘What You Aren’t Being Told… Read More »

Meet a Black Hole /A Song About Astronomy/(Happy Halloween from the Nirks)

Welcome to In A World Music Kids! Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for updates on all of our new videos. And, check out our online store too! In the deepest, darkest reaches of space You will find me No matter, no light can ever escape From my gravity I’m darkness itself, you… Read More »

LIGO and Virgo probably spotted the first black hole swallowing up a neutron star

LIGO and Virgo probably spotted the first black hole swallowing up a neutron star before we start our talk ensure you subscribe to this channel and be the first one to see when a new video comes out we normally make videos around things that happen in the world and we think it is worth… Read More »

Australian Indigenous Astronomy – 65.000+ Years of Science

We know that Aboriginal cultures are the oldest continuous cultures in the world and if you’re like me and you’re interested in the subject of the crossroads of astronomy and culture, what better place to come than a place that is this ancient? When I go to communities and I sit with the elders and… Read More »

How Two Dead Stars Sparked a New Field of Astronomy

[♪ INTRO] You might remember when scientists first detected gravitational waves back in 2015. It was a pretty huge deal. They’d spent decades trying to prove this foundational piece of general relativity, and the discovery gave us a whole new window into the universe. But decades before all that excitement came two radio astronomers named… Read More »

What is X-ray Astronomy?

[KIM] X-rays are light. It’s electromagnetic radiation, just like optical light, but it’s at a different wavelength. The x-rays have a shorter wavelength and they carry much more energy, So, each x-ray photon has much, much more energy than an individual optical photon. In x-ray astronomy, it’s not like going to the dentist. The dentist… Read More »