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The Star That Trolled Astronomers

In 1967, S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell was a graduate student at Cambridge University. She and her thesis advisor, Anthony Hewish, were using a custom-built radio telescope to study radio signals from outer space. To their surprise, they saw a series of blips coming from a specific point in the sky. It looked like a star… Read More »

How Two Dead Stars Sparked a New Field of Astronomy

[♪ INTRO] You might remember when scientists first detected gravitational waves back in 2015. It was a pretty huge deal. They’d spent decades trying to prove this foundational piece of general relativity, and the discovery gave us a whole new window into the universe. But decades before all that excitement came two radio astronomers named… Read More »

Why Astronomy Hasn’t Really Changed Since the 1900s

[ ♪ Intro ] People have been awed by the sky ever since there were people, and today’s astronomers are heirs to that millennia-long tradition. But what’s surprising is that the way modern researchers study the sky hasn’t really changed in the last few centuries. Sure, our methods have gotten better, and there’s the odd… Read More »

How Wiretapping Helped Transform Astronomy

This episode is sponsored by The Ridge. Go to ridge.com/scishow and use promo code “scishow” to get 10% off your next order. [♪ INTRO] For better or worse, World War I saw tons of technological advancements. And one of the especially effective ones was a method of early, remote wiretapping. During the war, militaries ran… Read More »