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PHILOSOPHY – Augustine

Augustine was a Christian philosopher, who lived in the 4th and 5th century A.D., on the fringes of the rapidly declining Roman Empire in the North African town of Hippo. He served as bishop for 35 years, proving popular and inspirational to his largely uneducated and poor congregation. In his last days, a Germanic tribe… Read More »

Do We Have Free Will or Are We Predetermined?

The history of philosophy has been dominated by competing arguments around the ideas of Free Will and Determinism. Simply stated, the issue hangs on whether human beings should be thought of as fundamentally free to choose their actions and mould their lives – or whether they should be deemed as being at heart determined by… Read More »

How to See People for Who They Really Are—The Work of Byron Katie®

– Hello Open Heart Project. Hello Daily Dharma Gathering gatherers. It is so great to be here with you. It is so great to be here with Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell. To just be with them is a delight. And to talk about their new book A Mind At Home With Itself, which is… Read More »

Mooji Baba returns to the home of his Master Papaji

Master, Just as I had the privilege to be with You, I now bring all those that You invite through me to You to have the privilege to sit at Your lotus feet. Nothing is mine – all is You. Thank You for this privilege. May we remain always at Your feet, And inside Your… Read More »

Sam Harris: The Self is an Illusion

What one of the problems we have in discussing consciousness scientifically is that consciousness is irreducibly subjective. This is a point that many philosophers have made – Thomas Nagel, John Sorrell, David Chalmers. While I don’t agree with everything they’ve said about consciousness I agree with them on this point that consciousness is what it’s… Read More »

Why you feel what you feel | Alan Watkins | TEDxOxford

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Good afternoon. It’s a real pleasure to do another TED Talk. And today I’m going to talk to you about you. And share with you, hopefully, an idea that’s really made a massive difference in my life and hopefully could make a massive difference in your life… Read More »

Carl Jung – What are the Archetypes?

Is the mind of a newborn a blank slate? Awaiting stimuli and input from the world to obtain structure and form or does it have a preformed structure which influences how we experience the world? This question has long interested psychologists and philosophers alike Carl Jung ,the 20th century psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology,… Read More »

Kundalini ~ Mooji

La energía…¿No es importante para despertar? ¿La energía? – La energía ¿Qué clase de despertar? ¿Despertar físico? No, hablamos de la Kundalini Oh, Kundalini… De acuerdo, sigue… La energía que sientes en el cuerpo ¿Es importante esto? No ¿No? No No es importante De otro modo tendríamos 300 personas esperando que despertase la Kundalini Y… Read More »