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Two People Wear the Same Tie to Work – 1999 Ep02

– ♫ Walky-walky-walky-walky-walky-walky.♫ ♫ Hello Rachel. How do you do? ♫ – I’m good. Bro-den. – ♫ Well that’s real good. i’m just walkin’ down the hall. I wish I was dead. ♫ – Mmm. What a delicious mugaccini. And great with a focaccia. (ding) (Hyperventilates) (Broden grunts) (amused ha-has) (ha has increase in volume… Read More »

What Do You Think of This? – 1999 Ep03

(Loud typing) – Ah, Zach you’re a tech-savvy dude. Do you know if we can use the internet to help send this letter to my dad? – It’s so simple Mark. All you need to do is use electronic mail or “e-mail”. What we’ve got to do is scan it, upload it, click attach, and… Read More »

The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Harry Potter, Catan and Tetris)

(upbeat music) – From Shy Guys to Shai-Hulud nerds like a lot of things but there’s something they love above all else and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat music) Joining us today we have Erika Ishii. – Hello everyone – [Host] Eme Ikwuakor – Hey. – [Host] And Becca Scott –… Read More »


(aries) We need to do a zodiac video now! (cancer) Don’t yell at me! (aquarius) what if we started with an angry aries? (scorpio) yas I loooove it! (aquarius) no, I wouldn’t say I “love” it, that’s too much commitment (Virgo) good thing I made to-do lists for us! (Gemini) Yeah, I agree. (Capricorn) Yeah… Read More »


Hey YouTube, it’s f*cking Nana Mongeau. I’m f*cked up on blood thinners. *kiss* And my grandkids are coming to visit! Hi, Nana! My boys! Oh God, Nana, you’re naked again! Come on give me a hug! This is gonna be an amazing thumbnail! No, oh God. Hello everybody, my name is Barkiplier. Woof woof. Now… Read More »

Mr. Bull! – 1999 Ep06

Well, I love being a big office business man. I’ve whittled my chair I’ve got my expensive collection of fine china bowls and plates. I have finished watching my movie Space Jam with Michael Jah-don. (beep) -What? -Broden, the new IT consultant is here. A new IT consultant, who’s that? His name is Mr Bull.… Read More »

Being Bigoted in the Workplace – 1999 Ep01

Hi, my name’s Mark. I’m here to see Bigoted Bill. Okay, but just so you know, Bill can be sexist, ablest, racist and generaly bigoted. But it’s best to hear him out. Did someone say Bill? Take a seat. Let me walk you through the office it’ll be a treat. Facsimile here, printer there. Do… Read More »

Real Things White People Have Said to Me

– Now don’t get your panties all in a bunch. (horse neighing) What up everyone, it’s your girl Superwoman, and a lot of people ask me if I’ve ever suffered any extreme cases of racism and to be honest, no. I’m fortunate enough to say that I haven’t, but since moving to LA I have… Read More »

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Aarons Astrology Standoff

*festive music* *festive music* I always hear the horror stories about executives throwing shit Oh my, I know I have many stories about.. (Really?) Well, this guy was an absolute madman And he like you know – he may or may not have had a drug problem at one point that made him very excitable,… Read More »


Hello my spiritual beings, and welcome to another episode of Nameology the horoscope for your name. My guru Vedanta Siddharta told me that the name held the truth about our nature That was right before he was arrested for trafficking methamphetamine. Now let’s begin. NAMASTE Nathan, the only sports you will ever watch are college… Read More »