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DJ Reparations’ Black History Lesson | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

– [DJ] Welcome to Club Domino! It’s a three-day weekend so you know what that means. It’s time to get lit! (air horn blowing) Shout out to all the single ladies in the house, all the fellas with a good job, and to the black folk that just got in VIP, y’all deserve it. Reparations!… Read More »

Tyler Perry’s Madea Is Changing History | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

– [Announcer] You’ve seen her celebrate Christmas. You’ve seen her go to jail. Now, Madea’s back for a whole new adventure. – Hellur, I stole me one of them time machines. (low rumbling) (exclaims) – [Announcer] That’s right, Madea stole a time machine. Watch Madea travel through time and visit great moments in history. We… Read More »

A Good Old Fashioned Shade Off | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(light orchestral music) – May I present Lady Alea. – How dare she come to this party. – She proliferated rumors about our dear hostess. – Ah Lady Alea, do sit. Do you know Lady Jada? – Good day. – Yes Lady Alea, forgive me, I don’t recall sending you an invitation. – Oh my,… Read More »

World Series of Spades – Astronomy Club

Oh, shit! Woo! I told you about coming up in here like you’re going to a damn job interview. What’s wrong with my clothes? Oh baby, nothing wrong with your clothes. Thank you. Just know that if I was responsible, you’d 100% get the job. I’m not going to a job- With your bitch ass!… Read More »

A Meeting of Great Black Inventors – Astronomy Club

Welcome, inventors. My name is Elijah McCoy. In this room lies some of the brightest Black minds this country has to offer. Nerds. And that is George Washington Carver. What up, what up, what up? Anybody want a peanut? I know you want one. Okay. I have gathered us together with the hopes that our… Read More »

Katt Williams Is Your Pimp Substitute Teacher | Netflix Is A Joke

[school bell rings] Oh, man, I heard we have a substitute teacher today. Yeah, but it’s probably gonna be lame. Greetings and salutations. [students] Katt Williams? Okay, settle down, children. I said, settle down, children. I am Katt Williams. I’ll be your substitute English teacher today, okay? Wow. [student] Whoa, he permed out. But Katt,… Read More »

How To Fake Your Way Through Astronomy Class | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, we’re Astronomy Club, and today, we’re gonna teach you about astronomy. (bright orchestral music) All right, so somebody pick something out the hat. – Galileo Galilei. – Come on, now. ♪ Galileo ♪ – Everyone knows about Galileo Galilei, or as we like to call double G. (group chatting) Well, everyone knows that… Read More »

“Audition Room” Full Sketch | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(people chatting in distance) – Hi, yo, what up, fellas? (hands slapping) (laughing) I’m loving how many black people are in here. Aw man, you know a few years ago, this cast room was all white. – Oh, it feels so good to finally audition for a show with all black writers. – Yes. –… Read More »

Astronomy Club Finds Out They Have A Netflix Show | Netflix Is A Joke

So it’s called “Edward Scissorhands.” – Yeah. – Okay. [phone ringing] Astronomy Club. Uh-huh. Yeah? M’hm. Yeah? – [gasps] – Oh! Yeah. – Aww. – Oh. Okay. Alright, playboy. I’ll see ya. We got a show. Netflix show! – Netflix show! – Hey, everybody! Wait. Just remember, we can’t let this change us. – Yeah.… Read More »