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Astronomy Jokes for Kids | Fun Science for Kids

Why did the Sun get straight As? Because he’s so bright! That was a terrible joke, froggy. Wait, I’m not finished. The Sun is so bright, he didn’t have to go to college! He already had thousands of degrees! Get it? The surface of the Sun is like 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 5,600 degrees Celsius.… Read More »

Planet Mercury | Astronomy for Kids | Solar System Planets

Duuuuude! I’m number 1! What are you number one at? I’m the number one planet, duuuude! I’m the FASTEST planet in the Solar System, and the CLOSEST to the SUN, and the SMALLEST. Oh! I’m the number one frog. Awesome. We’re both number 1. Well, actually, I live on Earth. That’s planet number 3 from… Read More »

What is a Lunar Eclipse? Astronomy for Kids | Kids Science

You ready little buddy? Ready! Ready for what? It’s time for a lunar eclipse! It’s my turn to shine! You mean it’s time for you to NOT shine, little buddy. Hahaha …that’s a good one. I know right? I don’t get it! Not that you ever actually shine… That’s right! I don’t make any light… Read More »