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Meet the Galaxies (and More…) – Part 1 – A Song About Astronomy

Swirling through Space are clusters of billions of stars Bound by gravity, some are close and some are far Collections of stars, gas and dust, Each grouping is unique These groups are known as galaxies Let’s see who we can meet They are Galaxies Traveling at great velocity Held together by gravity Cosmic Mysteries They… Read More »

Meet a Black Hole /A Song About Astronomy/(Happy Halloween from the Nirks)

Welcome to In A World Music Kids! Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for updates on all of our new videos. And, check out our online store too! In the deepest, darkest reaches of space You will find me No matter, no light can ever escape From my gravity I’m darkness itself, you… Read More »

Meet the Comets – an astronomy/space song – for kids!

Sometimes you’ll look up into the night sky And see something amazing passing by Brighter and closer than any star Travelling our solar system from very far A nucleus made from frozen gas, rock and ice tails streaming behind them that look so nice What are these bright visitors in the sky? Where did they… Read More »

Diviners – Falling (Lyrics / Lyric Video) (ft. Harley Bird)

Diviners – Falling (ft. Harley Bird)

Meet the Stars (Part 1)–Astronomy Song about stars-for Kids

Let’s go meet the stars In our galaxy Some are very far But still bright enough to see Let’s go meet the stars There are many different kinds They will blow your mind Let’s go and meet the stars We’ll travel very far Out through our universe I wonder who we’ll meet first Will we… Read More »

Meet the Asteroids Part 1 – A Song About Astronomy – By In A World & the Nirks

Between Mars and Jupiter there is a large void An area to study that astronomers enjoy A gap with a ring made up of millions of planetoids Or, also known as a belt of asteroids Hurtling through space in their orbit round the sun These large, irregularly shaped rocks have a lot of fun Made… Read More »

Diviners Savannah(feat Philly K) Music Lyrics

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Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) (1 Hour Version)

Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) (1 Hour Version)