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High Mass Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #31

Stars are in a constant struggle between gravity trying to collapse them and their internal heat trying to inflate them. For most of a star’s life, these two forces are at an uneasy truce. For a star like the Sun, the balance tips in its twilight years. For a brief glorious moment it expands… but… Read More »

Star Clusters: Crash Course Astronomy #35

In the last episode, I talked about stars that are orbiting one another. When it’s two stars it’s called a binary. Three stars would be a trinary system, and so on. But what happens if you have ten stars? A thousand? A MILLION? What do you call it when stars CLUSTER together? It’s likely that… Read More »

Low Mass Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #29

Stars in the sky look pretty. Flickering, intense diamonds dotting the velvety night. But make no mistake: They are churning cauldrons of violence, barely constrained thermonuclear generators, creating enough energy to vaporize the Earth a thousand times over. Their lives depend on it. Heck, our lives depend on it! But in their case, how they… Read More »

Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #26

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Oh. I know who you are. At first glance, stars pretty much all look alike. Twinkly dots, scattered across the sky. But as I talked about in episode 2, when you look more closely you see differences. The most obvious is that some look bright and some faint. As I said… Read More »

Binary and Multiple Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #34

We have one star in the solar system: the Sun. Sure, it has lots of planets, moons, asteroids, and comets it shleps with it as it moves through space, but no other STAR is part of our family. The Sun is alone. Based on that, you might naturally think that, like the Sun, stars are… Read More »

Neutron Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #32

When an 8 – 20 solar mass star ends its life, it does so with a bang: a supernova. And when it’s all over, there’s a couple of octillion tons of superheated plasma expanding away from the explosion site at a fraction of the speed of light, a whole mess of energy released in the… Read More »