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What’s Your Star Sign? | Kids On Campus Sketch Comedy

Hi, sorry I’m late. Traffic was crazy. I’m Wallace if you haven’t guessed already Hey it’s okay. I’m Sally. Nice to finally meet you in person. You too. And sorry again, I hate being late. Oh let me guess you must be Taurus No, um, I’m a Cancer. You have cancer? No, that’s my star… Read More »


Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika! Don’t worry. I’m wearing a shirt. I’m still with Jesus. Today, I’m going to be doing the start of a very exciting series for me and for you guys, especially since it’s not gonna be a voice-over series. It’s gonna be a talk-through. Everybody’s, like, screaming right… Read More »

धन प्राप्ति के पांच चिन्ह signs गुरु पर्वत पर progress line, square, traingal, star, horizontal line

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Aquarius Watercolor

As we continue to rotate around the sun, we land in Aquarius. Aquarius has a ruling planet of Uranus and is an air element. Air is about freedom and it’s an element of communication. Their gemstone is amethyst, and their flower is an orchid Aquarius have a strong suit in friendships They are loyal and… Read More »

Make & Sculpt A Star Sign Plaque

Molding & Casting – Sculpt A Star Sign Plaque With Plaster Of Paris

[free for profit] Frank Ocean/ Kevin abstract/ partynextdoor type beat “Star Sign”

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