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HEALING MASTER (复合大师) – Episode 3 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

You have convened so many media, claiming that you have some big news to announce. According to my bold guess, I wonder if it is related to Tina as netizens guessed on the Internet. Sorry, we won’t answer the question. Please don’t use“we”. It is you that don’t want to answer. However,I am not asking… Read More »

Pinoy Jokes Season 3: Zodiac

So it’s been awhile since since Jowlen’s mother died? yeah, it’s actually her idea for me to go on a date. maybe she wants to have a mom her mom died giving birth, so she grew up not knowing her. awww, that’s sad. forgive me for being uncomfortable, its been awhile since I went out… Read More »

Virgo from Zodiac and fun FACT about me! ?

Starbucks Presents: To Be Human – Susan Tucker

– [Coffee shop sounds] – I’m Susan Tucker from Topeka, Kansas. My great-great-great grandfather fought in the Mexican-American War. The United States gave the men that fought in the Mexican-American War a choice of either 100 acres or $100. So, he chose 100 acres. The farm was established in 1848; Glad Crest Farms. My brother… Read More »

Salvia Turned Me Into A Lonely God – Tales from the Trip

Oh no! I’m my mom and I’m my grandmother and I’m alone? And I’m an accordion and I’m not on the planet that I thought I was anymore. Hi, this is Myq Kaplan and here’s a story about a time I did salvia. It was legal and maybe still is and that doesn’t make any… Read More »

Life Change Story – Lance and Jess Miller

I remember when we first met. We were trying to set up a game system before a youth event at church. And once we were able to get it working I remember thinking, “This is the girl for me!” I was drawn to him almost immediately. He was a drummer, and pretty cute, too. We… Read More »


What’s good YouTube it’s Sara and Maya and we are here today to do a video talking about zodiac signs that we would never never date! Like you’re just not cutting it! I just don’t want you! Maybe I’ve had you and I realize I can’t have you I don’t want you. I don’t work!… Read More »

DEADLY WOMEN | Secrets & Lies | S4E11

when a woman has a secret it’s for keeps it was just a shock to see what kind of real person she was a restaurant tour with service to die for she developed the idea that the best way to handle family problems was to simply get rid of them a beautiful wife with a… Read More »

Why I Left

When you were a child, who did you want to be? I wanted to be like my mother. She didn’t wear a cape, or shoot lasers out of her eyes. She was someone who wore a smile and made people more beautiful. I remember telling her clients how I wanted to be just like her… Read More »