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Match the Job to the Person | Lineup | Cut

– Okay, give me a good spin. (laughter) (applause) Help, my house is on fire! Yeah, Brittany’s a firefighter, for sure. (“In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg) – Hi, I’m Timmy Rogar, I’m a drag queen and a bartender. – My name is Alex Alexander. – I’m Ilah Dizon. – I… Read More »

What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

– Say something pretty in my ear. – Oh? My god, he’s either going to take me captive or he’s going to do very nice things to me. (laughs) (instrumental music) – My name is Georgina. – My name is Yanna. – I’m here, I’m gonna be guessing. I don’t know what I’m gonna be… Read More »

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Aarons Astrology Standoff

*festive music* *festive music* I always hear the horror stories about executives throwing shit Oh my, I know I have many stories about.. (Really?) Well, this guy was an absolute madman And he like you know – he may or may not have had a drug problem at one point that made him very excitable,… Read More »

Ali Siddiq – Prison Riot – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

No matter what, you stick with your race. I don’t know why I can’t have a Mexican friend.. He’s in my cell, I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but Mexicans got on boots and I gotta figure out what I’m supposed to do now. Thank you, everybody. On this show, here’s what… Read More »

Guess My Zodiac Sign (Tyler) | Lineup | Cut

– Pisces? Do you like fish? – I like to eat fish. – Dope, Pisces it is. (laughing) Yeah, so I’m a student and I’m currently studying earth and space sciences with minors in philosophy and physics, call me a space scientist, you can call me a planetary scientist, one of the two. – I… Read More »

Match Outfit to Person | Lineup | Cut

– [Instructor] Alright, you can take the blindfold off. – Alright – [Instructor] Will you take a look behind you? – Oh – (nervous laughter) – Everybody’s naked. – Okay, I like where this is going. (boppy music) – [Instructor] You’re gonna match outfit to person, today. – Huh, sounds fun. – [Instructor] You’re gonna… Read More »

Match Voice to Person (Mari) | Lineup | Cut

– Do you think I’m swole? – What’s that? – You know, like muscular. – Oh, yes, mm-hm, very. – How old do you think I am? – Oh, 48. – Hi, my name is Mari. – Oh, I see, okay. I’m very sensitive about people’s accent because I’m from foreign country. I travel around… Read More »

People Guess Strangers’ Zodiac Sign (Post Interview) | Lineup | Cut

– Hey baby. What’s your sign? See, that was weird, that was weird. (soft, chill music) – I am Lori Loquetti and I am a Taurus. – My name is Marcus Washington and I am a Cancer. – I’m Debbie and I’m Miss Capricorn. – I am actually a believer. I am compatible with Taurus.… Read More »

Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

(laughing) – That aint yo baby. My name’s Karlos Dillard and I’m guessing who’s baby this is. – No, not at all. I don’t like babies. They grow inside you for nine months, they suck out all your nutrients from the mother, then for the next 18 years plus, they suck out all your financial… Read More »

People Guess Who’s a Couple from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

Say you love each other I love you I love you too Aw, ok, every time it gets weird but that’s ok, um Alright, camera’s rolling I have no idea Who are couples… Oh, sweet Oh no, pressure’s on! How many couples? Five couples, ok I’m supposed to go off of looks? That’s going to… Read More »