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Living the Promise: Susan Wessler

We thought that the first experience that students should have with biology in a college setting should be doing real science because it’s much more fun. People have always said said, and I’ve said before, that my lab is this really exciting place, and most research labs are really exciting places and classrooms are not… Read More »

Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation)

My name is Professor Michio Kaku.  I’m a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and I specialize in something called string theory.  I’m a physicist. Some people ask me the question, “What has physics done for me lately?  I mean, do I get better color television, do I get better… Read More »

TEDxUVM 2011 – Gary Johnson – Modelling Ecosystem Services under Uncertainty with ARIES

Translator: Silvia Rivera Reviewer: Tatjana Jevdjic We all know that we receive benefits from nature, but have you ever tried to list them out? To identify them, assign values to them or actually trace them back, to particular landscapes that give rise to them. Most of us probably don’t go through this exercise on a… Read More »

Questioning the universe | Stephen Hawking

There is nothing bigger or older than the universe. The questions I would like to talk about are: one, where did we come from? How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? Is there alien life out there? What is the future of the human race? Up until the 1920s,… Read More »

Astrology Has Infiltrated Work Culture | Fast Company

(upbeat music) – [Zander] Astrology is having a moment. Memes abound, Instagram let’s you pick a zodiac filter, and dating apps like Bumble let you sort according to someone’s sign. Astrology is even starting to make its way into work culture. – [Interviewer] Do you partake in Astrology? – Somewhat, yeah. – No. – I… Read More »

How Accurate Are Personality Tests and Horoscopes?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin. You humans love to put yourselves into categories. Dog person or cat person. Type A or type B. Scorpio or Taurus. I’ll admit, even I do this sometimes. (I’m a Ravenclaw, Virgo, ENFJ, and I love dogs AND cats, in case you were wondering.) People even use these categories… Read More »

The best all-around gaming laptops of 2018

The state of gaming laptops in 2018 is unlike anything we’ve seen before. With PC manufacturers cranking out systems that are lighter, thinner, and have better battery life than previous generations, plus they’re moving away from flashy, gaudy designs that we’ve come to associate with gaming gear, instead producing systems that are more suitable for… Read More »

Why popping your pimples is bad for you

– Jess, I am addicted to watching these pimple popping videos. Have you seen these? – Ugh. That’s so gross. – I know, it’s so nasty! – That’s so bad for you. They shouldn’t be doing that. – Why would popping pimples be bad for you? – Well, let’s – Science the – Science the… Read More »

This laptop is more than just a leather skin

– HP Spectre Folio, which starts around $1300, is perhaps the most interesting laptop I’ve used in a long time. (mellow music) Now, we’ve seen and used laptops made out of all kinds of different plastics and metals. But this one is made out of actual leather. If it works, it could mean that have… Read More »