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Have astronomers disproved the Big Bang?

If there’s a question that you guys never expected me to ever ask, it might be “have astronomers disproved the Big Bang?” And I understand why you might think that. After all, in my videos, I describe what scientists know about the most cutting-edge topics in physics research. So, perhaps I should be up front… Read More »

Pieces of Sue

CAMOMILE: Previously on Deadbeat…All right, try it now.Testies, testies, one, two, three. Ha! Are you seeing any ghosts right now? No. Sue? The recording. Hit play. ( on laptop )Have you ever seen a ghost in your life?KEVIN:No. I have never seen a ghost.Your business is finished. Go on, get out of here. ( whimpering… Read More »

Why SpaceX Starlink is bad for Astronomy

What do you think of the Starlink program? (SpaceX) Starlink is one of the many Starlink is not the only one It’s just a beginning My big worry right now is space is the new frontier and almost everybody can send stuff in space and that’s out of control we have satellite in orbit quite… Read More »

Einstein’s Gravity Waves: How Astronomers Proved Relativity’s Key Prediction | Alex Filippenko

One of the most exciting discoveries in all of science in the past year—and one in which there will be a lot of progress in the next five years—is the discovery of gravitational waves: ripples in the actual fabric of space time produced when, for example, two massive stars or black holes merge into one.… Read More »


hello virgo welcome for this reading of the weekend from 13 to 15 of December Virgo this general reading reading that we will focus on several areas single couples work the people who are going to travel people who Do you want to make a purchase sale at weekend family friendships one letter per area… Read More »

How to NEVER Lose a Game of Bedwars! (Bedwars Strategy)

Hello everybody ItsSniper bringing you guys another video. And in today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to never lose a game of Bedwars. Let’s just get right into it see how this goes we’re on the Nutcracker map which I believe is just a limited one for Christmas yeah I don’t think I’ve… Read More »

VIRGO Vienen Cosas Buenas,No le temas al Cambio y Pareja Poderosa, Marzo 2019 Mensaje de Tus Angeles

and complete his mission as kindred spirits make up things that are very good for you there is some connection Here you are forced this person It is also knowing someone more for some of you are going to present a great opportunity to do a project or present an idea open your heart and… Read More »