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Two of Swords – Peace – tarot card divination

Two of Swords Peace. Now originally in the Golden Dawn this is called the Lord of Peace Restored. But this is the Twos as we know, where the elements originally manifest in their pure form. So you can’t restore something that is there in its pure form so it has to be Peace. And from… Read More »

0 The Fool Tarot card divination meanings

No Naught! All ways are lawful to innocence. Pure folly is the key to initiation. Silence breaks into rapture. Be neither man nor woamn, bui both as one. Be as a silent babe in the egg of blue. That you may Aspire to the lance and the grail. Wander alone and Sing! In the King’s… Read More »

12 The Hanged Man Tarot divination meanings – sacrifice, loss

The 12th card is The Hanged Man, which is rather unusual, the naked man hanging from the symbol of the ankh of life. This card is reflected in the The Emperor, it mirrors the crossed legs. The Hanged Man is the mother letter of Water, mem, and he talks about as the baptism or death.… Read More »