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Alex Rodriguez FaceTimes with J.Lo

So let’s talk about this new– you do– it turns out you had a number for her referral for fitness, and now you’re working together on this new– this gym– what is this– first of all, I saw pictures of the two of you working out, which looked really intense. And explain what’s happening here,… Read More »

Sandra Oh Praises ‘Killing Eve’ Co-Star Jodie Comer

Hello Sandra Oh Hello. I am so happy to see you again, and I’m happy for everything that’s happening. You were great hosting the Globes, and you’re amazing on this show, which we’ll get to. Thank you. And you just hosted Saturday Night Live. I did. I did. I just– I don’t know if anyone… Read More »

Dave & Claire Crosby Perform ‘Meant to Be’

Hi, Claire. How are you? I’m doing good. Yeah. How old are you now, six? Yeah, I’m six years old. I just had a birthday. I was so excited. And I wanted– and I went to– I went to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop for a birthday party. Oh, that must have been fun. It was.… Read More »

Adorable Jerry Morrison III Shows Off His Astronomy Knowledge

What’s up? Nothing unusual. Nothing unusual? How’s your day going? Pretty good. Jerry, your full name is Jerry Roy Morrison, right? The third. What does the third stand for? It stands for three generations of Jerrys. First of all– Tell me. –my grandpa, second, my dad, and third, me. So now you get it? I… Read More »