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An Astrologer Explains Why Drake Is Such A Scorpio | Genius News

LETTY: Drake is set to drop a new album this June entitled ‘Scorpion.’ LETTY: The album seems to be an ode to his astrological sign — Scorpio — and that made us wonder: how well does Drizzy define his sign? COLIN: I was not surprised to find out that Drake is a Scorpio, because a… Read More »

2020 is year of the RAT

For the year 2020 the main zodiac element is Metal and the animal sign is RAT Hence, 2020 will be the year of the metal RAT The Chinese year will last from January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021 RAT is the first in a 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac The year of the RAT… Read More »

What To Give and Not To Give To A Gemini (Horoscope Sign Zodiac Astrology Gift Ideas Singapore SG )

Hi, I’m Meili. This video is to give you ideas of what presents to get for your Gemini Friend. Gemini, the sign with dual personalities. They may wear or carry different colors to suit whatever personality they are feeling that day. Gifts with vibrant colors are perfect for the interesting, exciting and lively side of… Read More »

Understanding Astrology : The Sign Sagittarius in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Gnobo A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I’m here to tell you about astrology. Okay. Now, we’re going to talk about Sagittarians. And, what’s really good to know about the centaur, which is the sign of Sagittarius, is the bow and, the arrow flying free from the… Read More »

Personality Traits List – Positive Traits Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

There are three water signs — Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces — let’s look at the positive sides of water first and let’s start off with Cancer. Cancers are very nurturing and protective. They are domestic. Cancer rules the archetype of the mother — think of Meryl Streep who played a mother in Sophie’s Choice or Princess… Read More »

Daily Horoscope: June 18th to June 19th, 2019

June 18th and 19th Tuesday and Wednesday the Sun is in Gemini in the moon is in Capricorn what an interesting combination first of all Gemini sat there worse can be cut off emotionally because they live in their head they’re thinking and they’re talking in their reading and they’re fascinated with everything but their… Read More »

star sign

Star sign is a really common way to understand people when we first meet someone And also lots of people would check their daily horoscope to decide what they should or shouldn’t to do today The astrology divide people into 12 different star sign. We have Capricorns, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio… Read More »

Aquarius Watercolor

As we continue to rotate around the sun, we land in Aquarius. Aquarius has a ruling planet of Uranus and is an air element. Air is about freedom and it’s an element of communication. Their gemstone is amethyst, and their flower is an orchid Aquarius have a strong suit in friendships They are loyal and… Read More »

Typical traits of the sagittarius star sign | Understanding your star sign

Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac. The fire sign of Sagittarius has Jupiter as its ruling planet. The seeker of knowledge, this sign is the philosopher of all the zodiac signs. Sagittarians are on a quest. They love travel and adventure. Very spontaneous, they have a convivial and friendly manner. They like social gatherings… Read More »

The Zodiac – The Sims 4

ACCORDING TO ME YA’LL WEIRD AF. The most eccentric of all signs, either in taste or manner. Pisces are nice! They love to laugh and are pretty laid-back. Aries are very passionate people who love to talk. When they get excited during a conversation, good luck getting a word in because they go on and… Read More »