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Aries Fin de Semana ♈ 13 al 15 Septiembre 2019

Welcome Aryans for this reading of Weekend from September 13 to 15 of this year 2019 general reading to see how it will be the weekend let’s check on issues related to partner les I remember that this Sunday Sunday 15 we will upload the special fortnight videos of September to fortnight of October for… Read More »

ARIES Trabajo Dinero ♈ Julio 2019 💙 SE GENEROSO Y AGRADECE

We are welcome again with this special reading for work and money let’s see how are the energies borrowed for you we are going to do it in a different way let’s to see those who are with a job or they have their own business work and money for you and at the same… Read More »

#virgo #virgorising #virgozodiac #kanyarashi #vedicastrology #kanya | Everything about Virgo Sign

Om Namah Shivay Today we will discuss Virgo Lagna if in any horoscope the Virgo is rising in the first house, such people are Virgo Lagna (Ascendant) Planet Mercury is the lord of Virgo and these people are Intelligent, Sharp and have very good Memory because Mercury is the planet for Intelligence and wisdom they… Read More »

ARIES Ex Pareja ♈ VOLVERA? 💔 20 junio a 20 agosto 2019

hello arianos again here in the channel for this special special reading because we are going to perform this reading based on what ex-partners are relationships to be able to help let’s say to all those who still do not suffer for a previous relationship that still do not forget that you feel you have… Read More »

Narcissistic Behaviors According to Zodiac Signs, Ranked From Most To Least

Narcissistic Behaviors According to Zodiac Signs, Ranked From Most To Least Narcissistic is toxic as many people say. However, it becomes toxic especially if we talk about the psychological disorder. People who suffer from this problem just cannot perceive reality with different angle. That is why they always think they are the best. It is… Read More »

Maria Helena – Compatibilidades de Balança

Hello Hello I hope you like this video Make like and subscribe to receive more videos like this Today I will tell you about the compatibility of the sign Libra which is the sign we’re in Libra starts on 23 of September and ends on 23 October It’s a sign ruled by Venus that is… Read More »

Perfect Woman For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Perfect Woman For You According To Your Zodiac Sign. She has all those qualities you are looking for in a partner, the defects that you can tolerate and a personality that will make you fall in love. We all want to find that special person with whom we can start writing a beautiful love story… Read More »