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Does a Person’s Upbringing Tell You All You Need to Know? | Tell My Story

I Let TINDER Pick My Makeup

My shirt looks kind of like a straightjacket. Hello we meet again. This time with eyebrows! Yes, my hair is purple again, even though I finally washed it out. No, I don’t really want to talk about it So we all know the “Google picks my makeup trend” but I was thinking is there a… Read More »

If Zodiac Signs Were On Tinder!

Yes! That’s a perfect bio as per my Zodiac! Hey there! Oh, I was just checking my bio on Tinder. I recently joined it and some other dating apps, and my oh my, after this new bio, my matches are on fire! Whether you are looking for a long term partner or just casual dating,… Read More »

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris’ Fake Fiance

RWBY Combat Ready, now on Kickstarter I had um, this was a while ago I was meeting up with a girl at a bar and I go to this bar And I… they’re a little early so I sit down and I sit, there’s like Sat in this chair and this other girl who I… Read More »

Bumble Proves Everyone Hates to Date These Two Astrology Signs

I’ve been online dating off and on for three, four years. 100% one of the first questions that comes up is “what’s your sign?” Bumble has added a new feature where you can filter out specific Zodiac signs that you don’t, like, mesh with. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, there’s two strong signs I… Read More »

A Love Expert Updated Our Tinder Profiles

– I’ve been told that I look very eager in the profile. – I’m looking at a crotch shot. – I know. I’m sorry. – That’s not the kind of picture. – Swipe left. – Swipe left. (edgy music) – My name is Kelly and I’m here to get my Tinder profile updated. – I’ve… Read More »