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What is Uranian astrology? – Midpoint – Transneptunian Planets – Alfred Witte

The Uranian system of astrology is really our most advanced and evolved system of astrology to date. It was developed in the early 20th century by a group of astrologers and led by Alfred Witte who was really instrumental in cleaning up astrology and shifting it into this new paradigm that is the Uranian system.… Read More »

COLLECTIVE SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Nation between Trapeze Bars ~ Astrology

In between trapeze bars, because we as a nation are moving into an evolutionary change, a new paradigm, a shift in consciousness so vast that each and every one of us will be transformed by the experience. These are the workings of planetary Neptune as she transits our nation’s ascendant between 2015 and 2018, a… Read More »

Cupido in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoint – Witte

Alfred Witte called the first transneptunian planet Cupido and when we look at that symbol closely you�ll see it�s actually a combination of Venus and Jupiter so it�s like a “super Venus.” Witte decided on Cupido since love and relationship are communal in nature so in manifestation they involve the component of harmonious companionship. When… Read More »

Bernie Sanders ~ UPDATE ~ CAN HE WIN? ~ Presidential Election 2016 ~ Astrology

So what I’ve done is gone ahead with all three charts and identify the “sensitive structures” within them. That is those structures that tend to get “sparked” at important or pivotal events in their lives. And by identifying these and what kind of connections they’re making now it will give us a really good perspective… Read More »

What are the Transneptunian planets? – Uranian Astrology – Witte – Hamburg school

Alfred Witte was a renowned German astrologer and a member of the Kepler Circle. Now the Kepler Circle was a group of avante guarde astrologic minds whose main purpose was to clean up and evolve astrology base on the groundwork layed by Johan Kepler. Now up until that time the methods for charting the sky… Read More »

Kronos in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoints – Harmonics

With any planetary energy there�s always a duality, but the duality within Kronos is explicitly illuminated within Greek myth, and within the natal birth chart Kronos seems to operate in similar fashion. Kronos in Greek mythology was the king of the Titans and of the gilded age. He was mothered by Gaia and fathered by… Read More »

Barack Obama Astrology – Beneath the detachment, the distance – Horoscope, Birth chart

The reason I love working with the Uranian system of astrology is because the Uranian system, which involves a dial such as this, goes right to the heart of one�s personal story with amazing subtlety. With the dial, a patterning emerges and we get an intimate look at the �path and purpose� as well as… Read More »

Princess Charlotte – Royal baby – Astrology – Horoscope – Birth Chart

Double Venus ruled princess, Taurus Sun and the Libra Moon. This is a girl who is rational, charming, devoted, harmony seeking, a realist with powerful magnetism and a lively social conscience. And with that Cancer Rising there is an instinctive sensitivity, gentleness and tact in dealing with others. Sounds a bit like Duchess Kate, right?… Read More »

Donald Trump ~ THE FORMIDABLE, CREATIVE GENIUS ~ ASTROLOGY ~ Presidential Election 2016 ~ Update

So now we come to Donald Trump. I did not to Ted Cruz’s chart as there is some uncertainty as to a correct birth time on it so I made the executive decision to just leave that one alone. But upon identifying the “sensitive structures” in Trumps chart, the ones active at major events, we… Read More »

Apollon in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoints – Harmonics

In the symbol of Apollon we have the planet Jupiter with the glyph of Gemini contained within so we get the faith and expansion of Jupiter combined with the thinking, communication and diversabilities of Gemini. So together we have an expanded wisdom, understanding and an evenness of temperament. In Greek mythology Apollon was referred to… Read More »