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HEALING MASTER (复合大师) – Episode 3 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

You have convened so many media, claiming that you have some big news to announce. According to my bold guess, I wonder if it is related to Tina as netizens guessed on the Internet. Sorry, we won’t answer the question. Please don’t use“we”. It is you that don’t want to answer. However,I am not asking… Read More »

Urban Astronomy | Science in the City | Exploratorium

– So the satellite we’re actually looking at– well, that we’re gonna see in about three minutes– we can’t see it, but it’s somewhere over there– takes about eight minutes to go across the sky, but it’s only reflecting sunlight for the couple seconds we’re gonna see it here in about three minutes. So the… Read More »

Ragani – Peace Prayer / Seeing All the World as Divine (Official Video) / Shanti Peace Mantra

[sounds of old record crackles] [Presidential Speech:] “We must believe and know we can do it That we can create peace, not only within ourselves but also in the world around us. We’re not talking in terms of days or years, but of a truly lasting peace. Forever. We all know we possess the power… Read More »