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आपको करोड़पति बना देगा कुंडली का यह योग | astrology/horoscope/jyotish in hindi | gajkesari yog

Hello friends today we gonna talk about a new topic related to “KUNDLI YOGA” which can make you a billionaire. Today we will tell you the famous RAJ YOGA- GAJ KESRI YOGA. What is GAJ KESRI YOG? How it is in some horoscope? Did you have it in your horoscope too? Or not? Today we… Read More »

How to use google compass to get right direction – Vastu shastra tutorial

Today we will discuss how you can measure degree of direction through Google Compass How you can measure correct degree by Google compass we need to know correct direction of our house to get complete benefit of vastu shastra wrong measurement of direction can create harmful impact on our calculations it is an important topic… Read More »

Vastu Tips for Money, Wealth, Prosperity in House

Hello My Dear Vastu Lovers, this is your Vastu Consultant Sundeep Kataria I am often asked by clients who come for consult if there are tips for bringing in more money, wealth & prosperity through Vastu. So in this video I would share will everyone the Vastu Tips for Prosperity in the House Primarily you… Read More »

Vastu tips for delay in MARRIAGE | शादी विवाह के लिए वास्तु समाधन | Vastu Shastra for Home

welcome to the new video of vastu shastra for home today we will talk about delay in marriage the problem of delay in marriage and how you can resolve it believe us there are very easy remedies and you you can resolve the problem of delay in marriage at your home and the people who… Read More »

$ इस एक वास्तुदोष का ध्यान नही रखा तो होगा नुकसान ## vastu shastra tips for house in hindi !!!

Hello friends welcome to our channel today I’ll tell you about a very large vastu defect of your home Which if you did not taken care then you will have to face many problems. We do built our home as per with the rules of Vastu Shastra. But sometimes we do not take care the… Read More »

Vastu tips for toilet seat | How toilet direction responsible for problems | Vastu Shastra for Home

Today we will discuss that how location of your toilet will create impact on Money prosperity and relationship because the location and the position of toilet has great importance in Vastu Shastra If it is not in appropriate direction it will create negative impact on the person toilet represent disposal activity therefore it weakens the… Read More »