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Sacrificial Giving – VEDA Day 3 – Vlog Pastors

– It’s a bonus. That’s something I love about Joshua. Man, we’re not just vlogging every day of April. He, levels up, son! Every stinking time. Can’t just put it in a daily vlog. It’s gotta be something like that. – This is gonna be a good one. [relaxing music] So Jarrod, I just want… Read More »

How To Make A DIY Smartphone Headstrap | Day 5 VEDA 2017

How can make a smart phone headset. You will need Any brand or smartphone available to you Pieces of paper. A belt from that time the sold jeans with coloured belts. Rubber bands. Wrap the paper around the belt a bit near the buckle end. Strap the rubber bands around your phone Making sure they… Read More »

Origins and History of Indian Astronomy

India has a very old tradition in astronomy with our written texts going back to about 3000 years and the real knowledge might have been gathered much much before that. In this video I would like to go over the origins of astronomy in India, how and why it was developed? Shloka from Rig Veda… Read More »