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Virgo Horoscope October, November, December 2013 Astrology Predictions

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. Welcome to my reading for you for the months of October, November and December 2013 GENERAL OUTLOOK While October will keep you busy and occupied with career matters. November onwards you would like to loosen the strings your purse to buy some items of comfort such as Car, Jewellery etc.… Read More »

10th aspect of Saturn stunning secrets for All Houses – The Karmic Drishti Part 2 [Eng Subtitles]

Music Mohitji: Hello friends, welcome to Saptarishi’s astrology YouTube channel. Friends we once again have with us Shri Ashutosh Bharadwaj. Today he would be telling us about 10th aspect of Saturn in different houses. We are already done with a session on 7th aspect of Saturn, which you all have watched and appreciated as well.… Read More »

Find Out Yoga for Beauty |जानिए खूबसूरत बनाने वाले ग्रह योग |Watch It Now |Beauty Astrology

Today we will discuss a topic using birth chart how to predict if a person would be good looking or not or in other words how to check the yoga which makes a person beautiful to guide us on this We have Acharya Shri Ashutosh Bhardwaj Welcome Ashutosh ji Thank you Mohit ji So, today’s… Read More »

10th aspect of Saturn what will give you ??– The Karmic Drishti Secret Part 1 [Eng Subtitles]

Music Mohitji: Friends, once again we have with us Shri Ashutosh Bharadwaji. Today he will be telling us about 10th aspect of Saturn. In earlier videos he spoke about 3rd,7th and 10th aspect of Saturn. Today he would be telling us about the 10th aspect of Saturn with examples and how it can influences our… Read More »

Aries Ascendant or Aries Rising (2019)

in the last video we discussed about the horrors in Vedic Astrology today we are going to start a brand new series on ascendance in Vedic Astrology we are going to see the foundation of all the ascendance so keep watching the Namaste and Welcome to Pramanik Astrology channel i’m your host prasad mahajani I… Read More »

Dr Pillai’s Vedic New Year Message | Sun in Aries | Awaken Higher Consciousness

Well, I have been readying myself till this 70th year. I have been so ignorant up until now and I am going to talk about my ignorance and relate it to the New Year. This is the New Year, truly the New Year, not January 1st, because it is the moment of transit of Sun… Read More »

Free Astrology Reading | Astrology Today |जन्म कुंडली, राशि कुंडली और सूर्य राशि के भेद।

जन्म कुंडली, राशि कुंडली और सूर्य राशि के भेद

Karma, Astrology & Free Will

Now I am going to link Karma and Astrology. Karma is what is going to happen on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis. You may think that you are scratching your brain and coming up with fantastic ideas to do these things. That [thinking] is out of ignorance. Then you may ask, “What… Read More »