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How to Judge Timing of Marriage by Vedic Astrology

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“Natural Vs Functional” Benefic and Malefic in Vedic astrology

in last video we discussed about the polarities of planet how this positivity of jupiter is balanced by the negativity of saturn how Mars and Venus balance out each other and what are the other polarities in the planets in today’s video we are going to talk about the natural vs. functional benefit and malefic… Read More »

Late Marriage in Vedic Astrology(Jyotish)

you are into your late twenties 28 29 30 31 and you are still not married this video is for you today we are going to talk about the late marriage in Vedic Astrology what are the reasons what are the planetary alignments what are the planets houses and aspects that leads to the delay… Read More »

Introducing Vedic Astrology: Free Astrology Video Series

Hi, it’s Lalitha Devi And it’s based on the Vedas – the oldest recorded scriptures on the planet. We know that problems cause us stress. It’s the awareness of those issues that will lead you to finding solutions. And knowing about Vedic Astrology can empower you. It really empowers us because it gives us lots… Read More »

STAR FREQUENCIES SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY HOW WHY IT WORKS therapies energy psychology conference 2019

frustrating things for the average person when they’re first learning about or investigating astrology is the first few questions that they ask the typical astrologer astrologist and that is why does it work how does it work and on average how does the astrologer or astrologist respond well a common response is I don’t know… Read More »

These People Will Become Billionaires | Interesting Facts About Numerology And Astrology |

These People Will Become Billionaires Interesting Facts About Numerology And Astrology


Hiii in this video i am going to talk about. the prominence of seventh house of a birth chart. What is the karaka of seventh house??? What can we understand from the seventh house. Body part associated with it. And, How different planets influence, when they are in seventh house. If you want to knw… Read More »

How to Read a Vedic Astrology Chart (& Western Circle Chart)

I ended up re-uploading this video since it was hard to read the glyphs please see link in description 🙂

Planet Astrology, Numerology & Number 6

If you go to a salon on a bad [astrological] day, everything gets screwed up. So, the reason why I’m saying about that day, yesterday the belt when they were ripping out my bag and I asked Sonja to look at what number is there, the belt? “What is the number?” Six! 6! [laughter] Unless… Read More »


Hii In this video am gng to talk about the fourth house of birth chart. What is the prominence of fourth house and Karaka of fourth house. What are the Body parts considered by fourth house. And how different planets influence when they are in the fourth house. If you want to knw the answers… Read More »