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Our Big Bear Family

JIM KOWALCZIK: We’re one big bear family! JIM KOWALCZIK: Our bear family is like every other family and stuff, you love them to death, but there’s other times they drive you nuts, right? COMM: Jim and Susan run a centre for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: I’m there every day, but he… Read More »

Peterpan – Mungkin Nanti (Official Music Video)

When I say Probably for the last time Let it all go I’m sure it’s time Probably you’re not the old one anymore Probably that feeling has gone And maybe if we will meet again I beg you to not ask anymore The feeling that I left Like yesterday everything is here And if your… Read More »

Fox News Poll Shows Support for Trump Impeachment

-Let’s get to some news here. A new Fox News poll finds that 51% of Americans support Trump being impeached and removed from office. Yeah. Fox News. [ Cheers and applause ] Fox News poll was a pretty big shock to Trump, and you could tell he’s pretty upset at the network. Check out what… Read More »

ARIES Side Bar Install: 4″ Ovals 364049 on GMC Sierra 2500HD

Welcome to the installation video of the Aries 4 Inch oval side bars on a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD. These side bars are available in a black or stainless steel finish. During this installation, we will be using a lift; however the use of a lift is not required. These are the tools needed to… Read More »

Hasan Minhaj Starts a Beef with Justin Timberlake and Confronts Jimmy About “Mama”

-We had so much fun on the show last time you were here. -It was a blast. -And then, we got to do a joint interview for “Variety.” -Oh, yeah. -We are in the cover of “Variety” together. -Yeah. -And I got to say you’re — [ Cheers and applause ] -Look how serious I… Read More »

Subtitled Last COCKPIT Tape Shuttle Columbia Accident + Crew Audio

On the first of february 2003 Columbia began its descent back to earth As the Shuttle raced over the Pacific towards the US, the crew put on their suits, preparing themselves for a routine landing It was now 8:40 am, and this are pictures of their last moments alive. {ERROR: Last TAPED moments, 11 min.… Read More »

10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In Your Lifetime

10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In Your Lifetime Number 10 Halley’s Comet Halley’s comet was named after astronomer Edmond Halley, who calculated its period of orbit, it is the only known short-period comet that is regularly visible to the naked eye from Earth. It is seen from Earth every 75-76 years and so, technically,… Read More »

How to Seduce an Aries by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Hi Im Kelli Fox with How to Seduce an Aries: When it comes to the mating game, the Ram will take the lead every time. Laid back? Reserved — yeah right? Follow-the-leader? No way! Just like an ex friend of mine, let’s just call her Patty. Once she had a potential lover in her sights,… Read More »

William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy | Art21 “Extended Play”

[Intro Music] Pain & Sympathy [Choral music and sound of oxygen mask] [Choral Music] History of the Main Complaint [choral music] In the activity of making work there’s a sense that if you spend a day or two days drawing an object or an image there is a sympathy toward that object, embodied in the… Read More »