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Nette Pflege für Neugeborene-lustig beängstigend

Cute newborn baby too I wish I could have such a baby Hey buddy, have you seen my new video? Children are so cute, aren’t they? Subscribe to the channel to watch the earliest video

Making A BuzzFeed Video: The Chinese Zodiac

– Today’s the day. And hopefully, everything goes well. (alarm buzzing) (slow calming music) – [Man] It’s her back, and then it turns into a wide, right? – Yeah. – Cool, cool. Okay, and then we get to, that’s like a snag close-ups, once she’s in her place? – This is as she’s walking. –… Read More »

Pinoy Jokes Season 3: Zodiac

So it’s been awhile since since Jowlen’s mother died? yeah, it’s actually her idea for me to go on a date. maybe she wants to have a mom her mom died giving birth, so she grew up not knowing her. awww, that’s sad. forgive me for being uncomfortable, its been awhile since I went out… Read More »

There’s a Good Chance Your Meteorologist Doesn’t Suck, Here’s Why

We blame meteorologists for a lot. They ruin camping trips, golf trips, days at the beach. Why are they always wrong?! I’m going to say something controversial here. Weather forecasting isn’t bad. It’s actually really accurate. Bare with me. To get a prediction on the weather, someone has to measure humidity, wind speed, rain, sun,… Read More »