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18 Views of “Plane Impact” in South Tower | 9/11 World Trade Center [HD DOWNLOAD]

2) Amateur anonyme. HO MON DIEU! M*RDE! HO MON DIEU! (inspiration) wa Lieu touristique. Un avion arrive. Ho la m*erde! Boom (bruitage amateur, traduction amatrice) WOW Et m*rde. Wow c’est… (je sais pas j’ai pas compris). Attentas terroriste. M*rde. Ce sont des terrorsites. Ce sont des terroristes, ils détournent des avions. Caméra du CBS. *l’avion… Read More »

Aspects In Astrology.

What is aspect? Aspect means to see which means point of view. How is your point of view? How you see context of life through which point of view or some planet is sitting and watching the house through which point of view. One planet seating in a house and watching anyone’s home or planet… Read More »