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Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Rising Sign(2019)

in last video we discussed about the Leo ascendant in Vedic Astrology in this video we are going to talk about the Virgo ascendant and what foundation it has to offer to your horoscope so keep watching Namaste and welcome to Pramanik astrology channel I’m your host Prasad Mahajani and he helped you raise your… Read More »


Virgo Fin de Semana ♍ 27 julio 2019 ? CONECTATE CON EL AMOR

Virgo friends welcome for this weekend reading of 27 and 28 of July of this year 2019 last end of week of this month let’s see how are the energies thanking as always your support on my channel at new people asking them if they like my reading subscribe press the bell of notification and… Read More »

Kanya Rashi June 2019 | Virgo Horoscope June | #Horoscope Prediction June 2019

Welcome to Astrology Ratan Live Program I am Acharya Pandit Sarvanand Sharma on my behalf of all of you loving hello friends today we will discuss with you about the horoscope of the month June. But before you tell the horoscope, you’ll want to tell you what your planetary positions are in the transit .… Read More »

Virgo December 2019 | Serious Success

hello virgos and welcome back to Deku Tarot and to your monthly tarot reading for December 2019 my lovely Virgo Sun Moon risings in my Virgo Venus’s I hope this message finds you well I hope you guys have been good here we are at the last month of the decade the last month of… Read More »

VIRGO Energia de juventud, Abundancia, Trabajo en equipo Julio 2019 Retos y tu destino Tarot

fun to explore Youth have energies here and go to have a lot of wealth is to work team know the love of your life [Music] welcome my warriors as they are if It is the first time you’re seeing my Video I want to invite you subscribe activate the bell for you all my… Read More »

Kanya Rasi 2019 Astrology March Month Prediction’s Virgo | కన్యరాశి 2019 మార్చి నెల రాశిఫలాలు

2019 March

Virgo Fin de Semana ♍ 13 al 15 Septiembre 2019

Virgo friends welcome for this special weekend reading from 13 to September 15 in general reading what are we going to do and I warn you or be it notice I do not warn you that the day Sunday 15 we will upload a special of single as it will go from the 15th of… Read More »


hey Virgo welcome to your June 2019 tarot reading this is Lauren with the clarity care welcome back guys so one quick announcement I am switching it up for the month of June I found a spread that I really like so I wanted to give it a try your future partner and your love… Read More »

VIRGO Feb Tarot 2019 Best Free Psychic Reading Love Tarot

hi everyone I provide predictions and intuitive coaching I’m a psychic medium I don’t just tell you what you already know I tell you where your story is going to go okay you can check out my awesome real reviews at GoldenSunLife.com try a not expensive two-month personal forecast for yourself see how you like… Read More »