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Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Rising Sign(2019)

in last video we discussed about the Leo ascendant in Vedic Astrology in this video we are going to talk about the Virgo ascendant and what foundation it has to offer to your horoscope so keep watching Namaste and welcome to Pramanik astrology channel I’m your host Prasad Mahajani and he helped you raise your… Read More »


A heart to heart conversation ignites a passionate connection. Virgo Love Tarot Reading May 2019

Hi virgos welcome to your loved reading for May 2019 if this reading resonates with you please take a moment and hit the like button so other people can hear the message and it can circulate widely also feel free to subscribe to my channel click the bell for notifications I do readings around the… Read More »

కన్య రాశి యొక్క జ్యోతిష్య మరియు వైద్య ఫలితాలు | Kanya Rashi | Virgo Horoscope | Pooja TV Telugu


Kanya Rasi 2020 Saturn Transit Predictions | కన్యరాశి | Virgo 2020

Free Tarot Card Reading (Voyager Tarot)March – October 2010 For Client A

okay this is a reading I’m doing for a clients I’ve already heard some feedback from the psyche part of the reading so on those race %uh reasonably accurate for that particular stockpile work on sixth and approached us for this reason what it was seized sit down last weekend with a cup of coffee… Read More »

Virgo December 2019 | Serious Success

hello virgos and welcome back to Deku Tarot and to your monthly tarot reading for December 2019 my lovely Virgo Sun Moon risings in my Virgo Venus’s I hope this message finds you well I hope you guys have been good here we are at the last month of the decade the last month of… Read More »

Virgo Horoscope for Mom | Parents

Virgo mothers are the most organized and practical of the bunch. Your kids have structure and a super healthy lifestyle, because you’re the sign most likely to buy organic food and enforce the no playing video games until homework is done rule. And you better believe, they keep their rooms clean. That said, too much… Read More »

2019 డిసెంబరు కన్యరాశి ఫలితాలు! VIRGO Results Of 2019 Dec! telugu rasi phalalu ! kanya rasi! VIRGO!