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Premier League fans all want the same Soccer Aid star to sign for their clubs

 Supporters of clubs from all around the Premier League were urging their chairman to get on the phone to Jeremy Lynch following his superb performance in the first-half of Soccer Aid  Lynch is a freestyle footballer who once appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.  He now runs the F2 Freestylers Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel on YouTube… Read More »

AQUAMAN | GIANT CRAB KARATHEN (CANCER ZODIAC) | DCEU & Greek Mythology #3 | Myth Stories

Jaws. The Loch Ness Monster. The Hydra. The Kraken. Ctuhulu. The Megalodon. When Legend speaks of these and other monsters of the deep, few think of a creature as mundane as a sea-side crab. These crustaceans look odd and walk strangely. But underneath their novel exterior, is a warrior spirit. Indeed, their tough exoskeleton and… Read More »

Professor emeritus recalls the early days of PSU meteorology department

Hosler: The public in general, I think pretty well– all you had was a little tab up in the right hand corner of every newspaper with today’s forecast, which was already 24 hours old by the time it got in there. So I don’t think the public paid much attention to the forecast in general.… Read More »

The Bold Type Star Meghann Fahy Insta-Stalks Her Castmates | ELLE

What is this photo? She’s a mermaid. And a sexy mermaid at that. [Explicit] That is so hot! Hi, I’m Meghann Fahy, and I’m about to troll all of my friends’ Instagram accounts for Elle.com. You know what’s crazy? You’re the first person who’s ever spelled my name wrong. I’m totally joking! I’m so kidding!… Read More »

Cracking the Zodiac Killer’s Cipher | It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards | Paramount Network

It was a 3-part cipher that was solved by two teachers. If you notice, there’s 18 characters left at the end of that. – [Wayne] Yeah, they don’t have any letters next to ’em. – [John] One of the most important symbols in this whole thing was the Zodiac sign, which equaled D. – Was… Read More »

Man Utd and Liverpool held talks to sign £57m Chelsea star Jorginho in this summer

Jorginho was wanted by Manchester United and Liverpool in the summer.Manchester United and Liverpool wanted to sign Jorginho before the midfielder joined Chelsea, according to the player’s agent Jorginho joined Chelsea in a £57 million deal from Napoli in the summer but the Italy international had attracted interest from several clubs around Europe But the… Read More »

The Star That Trolled Astronomers

In 1967, S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell was a graduate student at Cambridge University. She and her thesis advisor, Anthony Hewish, were using a custom-built radio telescope to study radio signals from outer space. To their surprise, they saw a series of blips coming from a specific point in the sky. It looked like a star… Read More »

Pawn Stars: ASTRONOMICAL PRICE for Explorer’s Map (Season 16) | History

RICK: Hey, how’s it going? Good. How are you? – Good. What do we got here? Well, this would be a Henry Roberts map. It exhibits the discoveries made by the British explorer Captain James Cook. RICK: OK. Captain Cook was a really remarkable guy. Just imagine 1775. I mean, these were explorers finding new… Read More »

Susan O. – Husband Involved in Car Accident

John handled two cases for us where he could have settled or given up easily. He didn’t. He kept working on and achieved a maximum settlement for us. We were extremely pleased. The second accident where my husband had just finished a fifth back surgery, his back had been fused, and he was rear-ended. That… Read More »