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Chinese astrology 2013, zodiac, horoscope – Dog Predictions 2013

Next is the sign of the Dog… I also see these people working really hard during 2013 and what is being said by average people that you rip what you saw in life this is exactly what will happen for dog people the coming year So My advice for these people is work hard and… Read More »

Homoscope – Épisode #1

TODAY’S HOMOSCOPE: Today, Mars aligns with Saturn to screw you over nicely. #Life_is_a_bitchThe nice dress and the henna mean that I’m going to get married.I’m lucky, right?Well, in a way, it’s what I wanted. What are you doing my daughter? Making yourself pretty for your fiancé? I’m coming! – Hang in there my friend! –… Read More »

Outtakes #2: Crash Course Astronomy

Phil Plait: That is volcanoes where water and ammonia take the place of–of–you know, lava here. (laughter) (Intro) We call ours THE Moon, with a capital ‘M’, nrhhh, with the–I was gonna do quotes and then changed my mind in the middle so now it’s–(laughter)–okay. It’s about 20-something-hundred kilometers thick–22? 2250. I’ll say 22. Alright.… Read More »

James Carter ft. Dominic Neill – Give Me Your Love (Diviners Remix) [Lyrics]

Lyrics for “James Carter – Give Me Your Love (Diviners Remix)” Genre: Deep House / Tropical House / Chill House ♪ Oh, you should come with me ♪ ♪ I’ll show you what there’s to see ♪ ♪ Oh, I’ll tease you, I’ll tease you good ♪ ♪ It’s time to run away with love… Read More »

Get Your Free Birth Chart! Goldensunlife.com/chart

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. if you want your free birth chart with meanings make sure you visit my website GoldenSunlife.com/chart forward slash chart link is below in the caption if you don’t know what your rising sign is because you don’t know what your time of birth is you can always ask me to reach… Read More »

What Do You Think of This? – 1999 Ep03

(Loud typing) – Ah, Zach you’re a tech-savvy dude. Do you know if we can use the internet to help send this letter to my dad? – It’s so simple Mark. All you need to do is use electronic mail or “e-mail”. What we’ve got to do is scan it, upload it, click attach, and… Read More »


(aries) We need to do a zodiac video now! (cancer) Don’t yell at me! (aquarius) what if we started with an angry aries? (scorpio) yas I loooove it! (aquarius) no, I wouldn’t say I “love” it, that’s too much commitment (Virgo) good thing I made to-do lists for us! (Gemini) Yeah, I agree. (Capricorn) Yeah… Read More »

Richard Serra: Tools & Strategies | Art21 “Extended Play”

When I first started, what was very very important to me Was dealing with the nature of process. So, what I had done was I had written a verb list– To roll, to fold, to cut, To dangle, to twist–or whatever. And I really just worked out pieces in relation to the verb list Physically… Read More »

New Zodiac Sign, Astrology, Horoscopes = BS

without the stunning and taxes brought to you by west coast offering premium web hosting since nineteen ninety eight but a west coast dot com slash you might see with twenty five percent off your order astrologer park kunkel uh… cause quite a bit of controversy recently because he added or up brought attention to… Read More »