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Divination- speaking with higher powers and forms

come join the patreon page we get special deals on oracle card readings along with membership perks come join the live chat discussion with me on discord both links are down below in the description hi welcome back to my channel this is Tiger Lilie um let’s talk about the elephant in the room that… Read More »

Introducing Memency: Divination with Memes

Hey, guys, it’s Nathara at CrowSong Lodge and I’m… obviously back with another video, I guess? Um, so… I wanted to talk to you guys about a thing that I have noticed and um, I’ve decided it is time that we give it a name. Except I suck at naming things. So I fully expect… Read More »

Divination Using a Pendulum—Get YES and NO answers | Ami Melaine

hey everybody welcome back if you’re new here my name is Ami and a witch a spiritual guide and an energy healer and if you’re not new here you might notice I pointed with myself only one finger this time switching it up welcome back if you like this video please give it a thumbs… Read More »

Introduction for Madam Marie’s Spells and Psychic Readings.

Madam Marie provides a mind blowing Elite level psychic readings that are beyond anything you ever experienced an also cast powerful magic spells on your behalf that may change your life

Your Natural Born Gifts and Hidden Talents (Pick A Card) Psychic Reading

hey, its star girl the practical witch and welcome another one of my pick a card readings today we are gonna figure out what are your natural born gifts and what are your hidden talents the reason why i want to do this pick a card is bc every soul here on earth is born… Read More »

5 Book Reviews! Wicca, Astrology, & Fairies

Hey viewers! My name’s Cara! We are closing out April of 2018 with a video that I intended to have posted sometime last month? It was last month because it was shortly before my old phone broke And I didn’t have a phone for three weeks And then got this new one because this video… Read More »

Mystic Dreamer Tarot Walkthrough

Hello, and welcome back to my channel Today we are going to do a deck review of the mystic dreamers tarot I have had the stick for a very long time Probably a good 15 years It looks pretty good This was actually my very first tarot deck. I believe I ordered it from LLewellyn… Read More »