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10 Bizarre Deep Space Astronomical Objects

The universe is full of both verified and hypothesized objects that do not fit neatly into the humdrum world of standard classes of planets, moons, galaxies and well understood phenomena. So here are ten bizarre deep space astronomical objects that have either been discovered, or may well exist out there somewhere amongst the stars. Number… Read More »

2018 విళంబి సంవత్సరానికి మేషరాశి పరిహారమ్ Chirravuri Telugu Ism Mesha Rasi Aries astrology 2019

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2019 Chinese Year of the Pig – What are Liverpool stars’ zodiac signs?

 Wednesday marks Chinese New Year and to mark the occasion we thought we would take a look at the Liverpool stars’ Chinese Zodiac signs  To see whether their Zodiac matches their personality, style of play and what it means form them in 2019  The Chinese Zodiac known as ‘Sheng Xiao’ runs in a 12-year cycle… Read More »

VIRGO October 2019 Horoscope| Love and Career Astrology 🌞

Hi Virgo this is a Reverend Renee and we’re gonna do something a little different today we’re gonna be looking at astrology my way I know a lot of people do it a different way but this is the Virgo horoscope for October 2019 so I’m using Astro themed comm ast ro th e MV… Read More »

Mecano – Un año más | LIVE | Cover by Aries 🎄 [Subtitles]

At Puerta del Sol Same as last year Again the champagne and the grapes and the tar, lay the foundation The firecrackers that erase yesterday’s sounds and get people excited to accept that one more went by And in the age-old clock like year by year 5 more minutes to the countdown we take stock… Read More »

New Zodiac Sign, Astrology, Horoscopes = BS

without the stunning and taxes brought to you by west coast offering premium web hosting since nineteen ninety eight but a west coast dot com slash you might see with twenty five percent off your order astrologer park kunkel uh… cause quite a bit of controversy recently because he added or up brought attention to… Read More »


Welcome this is the energy vibration reading for the Pisces Sun Moon & Rising signs. Wow… you Pisces oh my god you Pisces… Pisces okay, okay you Pisces… wonderful energy vibration, extremely wonderful energy vibration, really extremely wonderful vibration for you Pisces…. Oh my god, so you Pisces this is your year, your year you… Read More »

Astronomy for Astrologers #1: Four Types of Years & Sankranti

in today’s video I’m going to start a series of endows bearing on the astronomical calculations relevant to Vedic Astrology my intention with these videos is to educate people about the astronomy because most astrologers don’t have a solid education in astronomy they’re not aware of many of the astronomical facts and it’s very important… Read More »