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Two of Swords – Peace – tarot card divination

Two of Swords Peace. Now originally in the Golden Dawn this is called the Lord of Peace Restored. But this is the Twos as we know, where the elements originally manifest in their pure form. So you can’t restore something that is there in its pure form so it has to be Peace. And from… Read More »

[House] – Diviners – Tropic Love (feat. Contacreast) [NCS Release]

I remember the ocean Memories die out too hard But we were traveling mountains Just to find the loudest seas We settled down by the fire Knowing we could aim higher But we didn’t know that yet So if you want something to hold onto you gotta find it first But here I am ‘Cause… Read More »

The Weirdest Rules Of The Tour de France | GCN Show Ep. 340

– Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we’ve got a jam packed show including weird and wonderful rules of the Tour de France, weird and not wonderful hotels of the Tour de France, and the finalist for our Orbea Orca Aero giveaway. – Plus, the truth about what… Read More »