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What is Astrology? how astrology affects everyone and why?

People asks me many times, that Naman “tell me one thing, why astrology affects me?” “What is there in astrology,” “that with the help of date of birth, time of birth and place of birth” “you tell us” “About my whole life” “Saturn will tell me what work should I do” “Jupiter will tell me… Read More »

Introducing Vedic Astrology: Free Astrology Video Series

Hi, it’s Lalitha Devi And it’s based on the Vedas – the oldest recorded scriptures on the planet. We know that problems cause us stress. It’s the awareness of those issues that will lead you to finding solutions. And knowing about Vedic Astrology can empower you. It really empowers us because it gives us lots… Read More »

Planet Astrology, Numerology & Number 6

If you go to a salon on a bad [astrological] day, everything gets screwed up. So, the reason why I’m saying about that day, yesterday the belt when they were ripping out my bag and I asked Sonja to look at what number is there, the belt? “What is the number?” Six! 6! [laughter] Unless… Read More »

Weekly Forecast March 25th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another segment of Astrology Answers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Guardino the week begins on Monday March the 25th and it’s a big week of shifting energies most of you may know that mercury decision-making communication mercury has been retrograde and on Thursday the 28th it’s starting to move… Read More »

Vedic Astrology – Jupiter: The Planet Of Wealth & Inspiration

Hi, it’s Lalitha and this is about Jupiter. Have you ever met a teacher who made you feel so inspired ? infinite? That everything that you wanted to do was possible. Anything that you dreamed of could be implemented, could be manifested? That is the way Jupiter operates in our consciousness. He is the planet… Read More »